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Time Security Chapter 39

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note to readers because the story takes place in the future that's why the title is called what is called also Phoebe is EiiseAyumu 's and Serena (Usagi) and Chibi-usa (Rini) is Naoko Takeuchi's.

Chapter 39

Returning To Old Stomping Grounds

Demveus makes it to Skyattannzea within several minutes of leaving the Earth he can fly pretty fast these days with and without wings he has the leisure of choosing at least in this life. He searches in several spots the crystal had grown very weak at this point. So he was having trouble finding it and Trena, but with his determination he has he will not stop.


He searches high and low and in every place he can think of, until he comes across the Skyatanzeaan infirmary. He approaches the door slowly having a fear whatever is in their holes bad news or at least sad news at this point when he enters he sees Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit and Dr. Samico seens start playing in his head at the site of Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit. Several family births different lives and other family issues dealing with health and his gaze slowly falls upon Trena,


“What happened?”


Dr. Samico “I am the one that took her in at this point we don’t know what happened she has not become conscious we only know she was found by two people and that she is Princess Serenity, (Trena) Tellaya Sysyoas. One of the descendents of Princess Serenity, Serena (Usagi’s) daughter’s Chibi-usa or (Rini’s) daughter’s descendents.”


Demveus thinks to himself blocking his thoughts with his powers she is only 11 I am going to be in so much trouble mother, father, grandfather and grandmother are going to scold me for sure.


He can just hear their voices now “Demveus you let her out of your sight you’er are not supposed to do that.” Those were his mother Tayafay’s words.


His father Ramoawin’s words “Were you listening to me at all?”


His grandfather General Ennove’s words “Well it’s a lesson learned.”


His grandmother Phebe’s words “A very hard one at that.”


“Okay I get it I made a big mistake letting her out of my site and yes I can hear you even though you’re not around we have that connection.” Says


Demveus. He walks over to her bedside remembering the last time he was in here like this that had to do with the (Sky-yaka- zeen) Skyyakazeen poison situation she had, not the one he had.


Dr. Samico “Excuse me but who exactly are you? Do you know her?”

Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit memories come back “Of course he knows her he was Yoamy or Yomeetto Samico my patient you asked me about.”


Dr. Samico looks back and forth between Demveus and his great great grandfather who says he is older than Samico knows that he is,


“But that was centuries ago maybe even longer how is that possible?”

Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit “There is such thing as reincarnation or rebirth Samico. That’s one prime example.”


Dr. Samico “Oh right.”


“Can you leave us alone please?” Asks Demveus.


Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit ushers Dr. Samico out the door with him following up behind him.


Demveus “I realize your situation is my fault but I ask you once again come back to me you already know what will become of our future if I do not help you and you do not help me.…He says once again… Boom Healing  Princess Serenity… and because they are alone… Trena Tellaya Sysyoas please come back to me.”


He uses his ability to bring someone back to life but because she was holding on it was a lot easier than normal she opens her eyes several minutes after “Where was I, I wasn’t on Earth or the Moon but I saw your father Ramoawin Demveus.”


“Wow it worked I wasn’t sure if it would work anymore. I’m getting stronger again.” Says Demveus.


Trena smiles “Yes you are but I don’t remember that attack?”


 “I used it one time when you weren’t around.” Says Demveus.


“Oh on who?” Asks Trena.


“I’d rather not say right now I just rather get you home.” Says Demveus


Trena’s eyes sparkle “Really?”


Demveus laughs happy to see her happy “HAHAHAH Yes, really.”


Trena looks at the crystal and key “Okay but how are we going to do it? The crystal has no more energy I know that’s not the key to getting back to the future but we need it. It lasted six years power wise it needs to be back in my mother’s possession. I feel I’m getting too old to call her mommy anymore I am almost 12.”


Demveus looks at the crystal thinking to himself blocking his thoughts with his powers this never would have happened if I was around the years I wasn’t around but I never did stop looking for her.


“What are you thinking Demveus?” Asks Trena.


“Hmm… Oh nothing.” Says Demveus.


“I won’t accept that answer I know you’re thinking about something tell me what it is.” Says Trena.


“Okay I was thinking about how I wasn’t around for the last couple years.” Says Demveus with disappointment in his voice.


“You were around otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to transform and defend myself I know that for sure that is what I used most. So don’t be so hard on yourself you helped even though you don’t know it. Well I guess you know now HAHA .” She gives a small spout of laughter.


“Are you ready to go everybody is waiting?” Asks Demveus.

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