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Time Security Chapter 38

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Serena (Usagi) and Chibi-usa (Rini) is not mine those characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi

Chapter 38

Retrieving Trena

“There she is I swear the Princess who went missing… the people pick her up… We have to tell someone and fast her body is so cold.”
They take her to the nearest hospital Dr. Samico one of the descendents of Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit who is retired he was the doctor of the Bram-bowlish family. He sometimes comes in when he is needed. Where did you find her?” Asks Dr. Samico.
Lying in some bushes she looked very tired and sore as they are saying this Dr. Samico is looking through his records “Is there any identification?”
“We didn’t look we just brought her as quickly as possible.
“Right then….” He turns in his chair … and which Princess is she?”
“We are not sure. All we know is we found her because of pictures on the news and in the newspaper.”
Dr. Samico “I see…he picks up a newspaper… here it is Princess Serenity, (Trena) Tellaya Sysyoas. She is a descendent of a patient Henchory used to care for I believe his name was Yoamy or Yomeetto if that’s the case my father should have the old records somewhere in here.
He searches around for several minutes when he can’t find them he phones Henchory,
Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit picks up the phone “Hello, Samico what’s the matter I only get calls from you when something happens from this number anyway.”
Dr. Samico “I think I have a descendent of one of your old patients and I can’t find his records to be sure.”
Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit walks over to a filing cabinet what was his name? All records don’t stay in the office I have a personal filing cabinet Samico.”
Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit “Ah… I found it good thing I kept the family tree too. Which one of his daughters does she look like if you don’t know please take a blood sample.”
Dr. Samico “You really think that is necessary and she looks like our kind of similar to maybe okay I don’t know.”
Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit “Well then yes a blood sample is very necessary Samico.”
Dr. Samico “Very well but she is…Humm… Not doing too well… He prepares the needle when he inserts it Trena winces but doesn’t open her eyes Dr. Samico has a blood sample sent off … I should have the results very soon the staff are diligent.”
Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit “Yes I remember Samico let me know what the results are and I will tell you if they are a match. Either that or I can come in and look over them myself. Whichever you prefer.”
Dr. Samico “You can come in if you want but I can also tell you if you want it’s up to you. You are retired you know
Great-great-grandfather quite honestly I am happy you are still alive for situations like this. You have lived a long time.”
Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit “Yes I know I am older than you know Samico. I think I will come in just so you can concentrate on what you have to do and not be talking to me at the same time face-to-face for that is much easier.”
Dr. Samico “Okay, see you when you come… He hangs up the phone he turns his attention back to Trena and the people who had brought her in… Thank you for bringing her in we will deal with the situation as quickly as possible you may wait to see how things turn out if you like.”
“We think we will thank you Docter.”
Five minutes pass and Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit enters the doctor’s office after knocking
Dr. Samico here’s the knock “Come in.”
Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit he walks in “Did you get the results?”
Dr. Samico “Yes I did… Dr. Samico hands Henchory the results... which one of his daughter’s descendents is she?”
Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit “She is one of Princess Serenity, Serena (Usagi’s) daughter’s Chibi-usa or (Rini’s) daughter’s descendents.”
Dr. Samico “Ah… I see… How did she end up in that state I wonder?”
He looks at her chart “Blood type O… he looks up from the chart and sees the crystal sitting inside of her locket… We need to get her help right away I’m surprised she’s held on this long.”
Dr. Samico “Right but what’s wrong?”
Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit points at the crystal this is taking her energy something must be helping her stay alive because in the state she should be dead.”
Dr. Samico “Oh I see and I understand now.”
Retired Dr. Henchory Semphpsayrit takes the crystal and the locket off of Trena hoping that will help somewhat to revitalize her energy I will give it back when I see fit mostly when she’s conscious again because it is not right to take something from a Royal.”
The color slowly returns to Trena’s face the crystal is pretty much dead right now. But it has been revitalized before so there is nothing to say it can’t happen again.
Back to Demveus and his grandfather General Ennove the position of the crystal has changed I am tracking it grandfather but it is not on Trena anymore oops I mean Princess serenity, (Trena) sorry grandfather.”
General Ennove “Where is it then if you’re tracking it?”
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.” Says Demveus.
“Oh try me.” Says General Ennove.
“Okay up in the Kingdom of Skyattannzea grandfather she’s not even on Earth anymore.” Says Demveus.
“How did she get up there?”
“I don’t know but I have to get there somehow I can tell something is wrong.” Says Demveus.
“Do you remember how to do that? Asks General Ennove.
“No.”Says Demveus.
“Weren’t you paying any attention to what your father said? Asks General Ennove.
“Um… kind of but when it’s boring lectures I will tune him out.” Says Demveus
“Demveus Toro Tyapairis you don’t tune out your father am I understood.” Says General Ennove seriously and sternly.
“Yes grandfather sorry grandfather.” Demveus sighs.
“It’s okay just don’t do that again your father Ramoawin wouldn’t like it if he found out would he?” Says General Ennove.
“I’ll try not to grandfather.” Says Demveus.
“Good because if I hear anything of that sort again, you will be disciplined and not just by me. Now I can’t fly so you have to go by yourself. Please try to remember what your father said if you don’t you’ll find yourself in danger.” Says General Ennove.
Demveus “I will don’t worry I’ll be back.”

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I'm glad you found it funny I kind of did too I think he's going through stages of growing through the story or as some people say in real life the word I'm looking for maturing I'm not sure if that's the right word but it is one.  :chibiusa:

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