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Sailor Moon R Part 2 alternate take Chapter 8

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Inside the quarters they hung out together often on their spaceship Rubeus, Thunderclap and Hypnotica were relaxing around a table drinking their favourite brand of champagne, when suddenly they were alerted to two familiar figures materializing in their midst. The Wiseman in his hooded robes concealing his face and his companion, the similarly appearing Grim Man clutching his scythe. The trio quickly sprang out of their chairs to greet their mentors respectively.
Rubeus spoke humbly. "Welcome great masters. What do you have to deliver to us?"
The Wiseman waved his weird, transparent hands over his crystal ball. "The Grim Man and I have received a new vision Rubeus. The little girl will appear today near the tenth street bridge after her school finishes in the middle of the afternoon. And get this. The crystal will also be present."
The Grim Man said, "We want that child and the crystal both captured. No slip-ups."
Hypnotica and Thunderclap were ecstatic to hear this. "Rubeus! As soon as we accomplish this double task, we will then be able to return to the future we call our true home."
Hypnotica squealed with glee as she said this and Thunderclap, who had taken off her drum to sit comfortably at the time actually danced a happy jig. Rubeus said, "We'll put the sisters on it right away. They are eager for a chance to avenge the deaths of Rhonda, Jellax and Avocado."
Then Hypnotica asked, "By the way masters. How are things faring in the future?"
The Grim Man said, "In some ways things are good Hypnotica. In other ways, they're not." Before any of them could say anything the Wiseman went on to explain.
"The mighty Prince is very pleased with the way you are still holding invisible control over the five major Crystal Points here in the past. When people frequent the Beauty and Cosmetics Store, the Ice-cream Parlour, the Martial Arts School, The Charms Shop and the Grocery Supermarket they have no idea that they are maintaining our control over the corresponding points in the future. The other Droid Warriors there are free to transport themselves to and from those five points and the guardians of the royal palace are blocked whenever they try to follow."
"So Wiseman," asked Hypnotica. "What is the thing that is going wrong?"
But the Grim Man had his turn to speak. "We decided to launch an all out attack against the palace to destroy the Queen and the King who are both trapped inside there. But those four female guardians realized that they could still enter the palace. So they are concentrating hard upon combining their psychic energy and magnifying it with a giant electro rod they all periodically keep charged up every 48 hours. We have not lost any of our members in the future, but we are all as blocked from the palace as the four female warriors are blocked from the five major Crystal Point areas."
Thunderclap suddenly gasped. "I see what is happening" she said. "These Sailor Scouts who we've been battling. They are the past selves of those female warriors in Crystal Tokyo."
Before Rubeus or Hypnotica could say a word, the Wiseman answered. "Precisely Thunderclap. We therefore command the three of you to eliminate them here in the past so that they won't exist in the future."
The Grim Man concluded, "Then all our plans will be finally fulfilled."
Rubeus, Thunderclap and Hypnotica all bowed to the floor as the Wiseman and the Grim Man de-materialized. This was going to be a big showdown.

The vision that the Wiseman and the Grim Man had reported turned out to be pretty accurate enough. As Rini was walking home after leaving her school, she met Serena on the way. "Hello Rini."
"Serena! What do you want?" asked Rini suspiciously.
Serena answered somewhat nervously. "Well um. I thought I'd meet with you after our schools both closed today. You're such a dear little girl and we should spend more quality time together as cousins."
In truth Luna had told Serena that Rini needed to be watched closely all the time in case those weird people found her and tried to snatch her. Artemis had accompanied Luna to Rini's school and the two of them had hung around the grounds all day, staying close to the classroom building during her lessons and hiding out of sight nearby during her lunch and play break times. If there had been any such attack one of them would have run off to alert the Scouts and get them away from their schools somehow to help, while the other kept an eye on the situation and fought to delay their escape as much as possible.
The day was uneventful however and the two cats had instructed Serena to meet up with Rini and they would be following her secretly from behind. And it was the tenth street bridge at which point they met up. Serena kept the crystal around her neck in its locket of course. So everything Rubeus and his friends had heard was truly correctly fulfilled. Rini looked up at Serena and sighed. "I'm going to go and sit down halfway descending the stairs here leading down from this bridge. If you want to talk to me you can."
Serena said "Okay," and she walked down to the halfway point and sat on the step side by side. Rini was holding her blue ball that she took everywhere with her in her hands on her lap and to Serena's bewilderment, she began to cry.
"I miss my mummy Serena. I want to leave this place and go back to her. But it would be pointless if I did. I need the Silver Imperium Crystal to free her from her trap and save our world. Serena, it's no use denying it. I was told you have the crystal. I beg you please give it to me. I want to go home and be with my mummy safe and sound."
Serena was getting very uneasy. Should she give her the Silver Crystal? No of course not. But she could help her if she was really telling the truth. If she would be willing to give her and her friends more information?
"Rini. Will you explain more about who you are and why you're here?"
Suddenly Rini became defensive. "No! I've already said too much! I wasn't supposed to say anything. Just please give me the crystal if you understand the anguish of my heart Serena!"
"Rini I can't do that. I,"
Rini flew into a crying rage and Serena gasped as she saw the same golden crescent moon symbol appear on her forehead. It was just like what happened when Serena had furiously accused Rini of poisoning her friends at the Cherry Hill Temple. "Hey! Wait! Stop!" Serena was panicking remembering what had happened and how the enemy had been lured to Rini by the glow from her forehead lighting up the sky above her. But Rini would not be calmed and the bright glow made Serena see stars in her eyes. It rose up very high showing her position in the middle of the staircase.
Serena desperately hugged her pleading with her to settle down and as Rini stopped crying the beams of light abated.

But it was too late. "So you're feeling unhappy Small Lady?" said a voice from the direction down the staircase. Rini and Serena both looked down and gasped to see Birdy slowly ascending from the bottom with Frosty and Droido by her right and left sides. The Droids were in their human appearances and they were chortling with glee as they appraoached their target.
"Rini! We'd better run back up the stairs," said Serena, however another voice called down from above.
"It's no use. We have you surrounded."
Looking up they were shocked to see Catzi descending from the opposite direction with Avery and Prizma on each side of her. As the pair of trios slowly began to close the gap they began taunting Rini.
"Thank you for letting us know where you were exactly," said Prizma.
"Though we already knew you'd be by this bridge," said Frosty.
"But you showed us precisely where you were seated and we have you hemmed in," said Avery.
"You can't slip past us either way. We have you covered," said Droido.
"And we will take the Silver Crystal off you too," said Catzi.
"The Silver Crystal?" said Serena.
"We know you have it Rini," began Birdy, then she started to speak gently to Serena. "We have nothing at all against you. This little girl is our arch-enemy. So I beg you please to not interfere wi-"
Just then Frosty desperately shouted. "Birdy! Watch your step!"
But it was too late. Rini had placed her ball down next to her, but it had mysteriously rolled slowly down and not behaving the way a ball would normally bounce down stairs, had directed its course sideways in the path of Birdy and even as Frosty tried to warn her, she had already placed her foot upon it. To the horror of Frosty and Droido, she fell backwards and rolled down a couple of stairs, finally lying on her tummy moaning in pain.
"My back! I think I've thrown it out of place! It's so painful!"
While her friends turned around to help her, Serena whispered to Rini, "Now's our chance. Come with me."
So while Frosty and Droido were crouched by their injured friend they did not notice Serena running past them to the left railing with Rini clutched tightly to her chest in a strong embrace.

But Catzi screamed out loud. "She's trying to help the brat escape!"
Prizma cried, "We must stop them!"
With that the other three sisters are made tremendous leaps sending them soaring through the air over the heads of Serena and Rini landing gently on their feet to turn and block their escape just as they reached the bottom of the stairs.
"You're not going anywhere!" growled Catzi as she and her sister held out their hands like savage dats ready to scratch with their nails. But then two real savage cats sprang from out of nowhere from behind and over the top of Serena's head taking the sisters by surprise. Artemis flew into Prizma's face and Luna flew into Avery's, hissing and snarling. Avery and Prizma screamed as the cats sank their front claws into their shoulders and they bit them on their cheeks and chins. Flailing around they fell on their backs and Catzi, momentarily in a state of shock, turned to seize Rini only to be unexpectedly biffed in the face by her blue ball. She fell on her knees in a daze and Luna shouted, "Come on! Run for it!"
Rini was not really surprised to hear a talking cat and she told Serena, "Let me down please. I can run myself."
So the four of them ran away with the ball floating alongside as if it had a mind of its own while Catzi and her sisters crawled to their feet. Avery and Prizma were angrily using their compact mirrors to apply antiseptic and sticking plaster to the bites on their cheeks and Catzi groaned as she shook her head to clear it.
Meanwhile Droido had been working carefully on Birdy's back where she lay and with Frosty's assistance, she carefully lifted her up on her feet and down the stairs safely. Birdy gasped. "Thank goodness for your chiropractic talents Droido. My back is feeling much better now. I'm only sore with bumps and bruises now."
Prizma shouted, "Quit the chit-chat! We must get that weasel once and for all."

As for Rini, she ran with Serena and the two cats as fast as they all could until they came to a construction site. she thought to herself, "That looks like a good place to hide."
So while the others kept on running ahead, she stopped and turned to the side. None of them realized that Rini was no longer racing by their side until they had turned the corner and run half-way along the wall surrounding the construction. "Hey! Where did Rini go?" cried Serena as she first sensed her absence. Luna and Artemis pulled up to a sudden stop along with Serena and they glanced around worriedly.
"Oh no! We can't let her wander off wherever she is," cried Luna. "Serena! Call the other girls at once! We must find her before those weird women do."
Serena pulled out her communicator and her friends all promised to arrive as soon as possible.

Where exactly had Rini gone? she had crawled through a small hole in the bottom of part of the fence and ducked behind a stack of steel girders. Fortunately the place was deserted. The construction crew had finished work for the day and gone home, so there was nobody to catch Rini and rebuke her for trespassing. Also nobody who might get accidentally caught in some crossfire if or when the Four Sisters and Birdy's friends tracked her down. Her ball floated along behind her and she turned around and took it in her hands. Walking to the other end of the girders she sat down and spoke to her friend through the ball.
"Thank you for what you did to help me escape. But I'm getting scared. What if those weird ladies find me again? Even if I can't go back to you without the crystal, couldn't you at least come to stay by my side and protect me for a little while?"
The mysteriously tall woman spoke to her. "Dearest Small Lady. You know I can never leave the gate to the Door of Time. I promised your mother I would guard it forever and if I ever break my word it will mean disaster to the fabric of space-time continuem."
Rini began to whimper. "But who will help me here in the past?"
"Now now Small Lady. You do have protectors in the past. Remember the Sailor Scouts?"
Rini snapped to attention when she heard this as her friend went on to elucidate. "Remember in the future they are the female warriors who are you faithful friends and have sworn to protect you and your mother for all time? Those Sailor Scouts you've met here in the past are the very same people from Crystal Tokyo and even though they don't know who you are, they are protecting you in the past because they are good and kind-hearted. And you already know who Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask are in relation to you. Correct?"
This was definitely true. "Yes. I know where I stand in relation to them." Rini's tears were turning into tears of happiness as she thought about what her friend had pointed out to her.
"Small Lady. Even as we speak the Sailor Scouts are doing their very best to hold off further attacks against Crystal Tokyo. But unless you can find the crystal eventually they will be defeated. This is why you must keep trying to get hold of it and depend upon Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask and the others while you are in the past. For the sake of Crystal Tokyo you must keep your spirit up."
"I understand. And thank you my friend. Goodbye."
"Goodbye Small Lady. And good luck."
With that the reception in the ball was cut off and Rini leant up against the girders lowering the ball in her hands and thinking deeply.

All of a sudden her thoughts were brought to a shocking disruption by a loud, triumphant voice. "We've tracked you down little piglet!"
To Rini's horror she looked up and saw the Four Twisted Sisters standing before her eyes in a row. Catzi was the one who had spoken.
"No! No!" she clutched her ball and wailed. "Go away and leave me alone!" As she cried she jumped to her feet and tried to run off to the side, only to find herself cut off by Droido and Frosty in their non-human appearances. Droido clutched the pump in her hands and said, "Stop right there! Or I'll shoot my corosive acid out of my mouth."
Frosty added, "And I'll blow my ice-cold breath at the same time. You'll be turned into a puddle of frozen sludge by our combined attack."
Birdy laughed. "I suggest you surrender and hand over the crystal to us if you know what's good for you.
Rini began to cry. "But I don't have the crystal."
Prizma snarled. "Don't lie to us. We were told we would find the crystal along with you."
Avery agreed. "It's no use stalling for time."
Droido said with a sigh, "Though strictly speaking Frosty, we couldn't use our attacks upon her as such because we would also destroy the crystal along with her. We need that crystal in one piece."
"Yeah, you're right Droido. But we can capture her and force her to give us the crystal." Frosty agreed.
Rini was starting to sob again. "But I honestly don't have it!"
To this Catzi answered, "Even if you are telling the truth we know you must have hidden it somewhere. The six of us will surround you and make you tell us where to find it. Come on girls."
United as one the sisters and the two Droid Warriors began to walk towards Rini forming a ring so that she couldn't run anywhere. "Leave me alone!" Rini began to wail and the six women all laughed wickedly as they closed in.
However they had underestimated her special defensive powers and as they were almost touching her, she screamed as loud as she could and psychic energy glowed from the Crescent that appeared on her forehead. Before they knew it they were all overwhelmed by a golden blast of light that made them all quickly shield their eyes from the intense light and next thing they were all picked up like leaves on a windy day and thrown backwards far away from Rini landing on their backs or sides groaning and moaning.

Serena was still waiting for her friends to turn up when she was drawn to attention at the golden blast of light that shot up in the air from the construction site.
"Serena! That must be from Rini!" shouted Luna.
"Let's go and catch up with her!" cried Artemis.
"Okay. I'm on my way." With that Serena and the two cats raced off in the illuminated direction.

Meanwhile as the Black Moon Clan members were all staggering to their feet Rini declared defiantly, "My Mummy taught me never to go with or even speak to strangers."
Catzi was furious. "Is that so? Well your Mummy isn't here now and we'll fix you good this time before you can fight back again. We won't kill you but we'll weaken you helpless with our,"
At the sound of that loud voice cutting her off Catzi and the others all turned their heads to see Sailor Moon standing on top of the building's structure just a few feet above them. As she made a mighty leap to soar over their heads and land next to Rini, Avery shouted, "Sailor Moon!"
Rini was very happy to see her and threw herself into Sailor Moon's arms while she spoke authoritatively.
"In the Name of the Moon I will punish all of you. If you dare to attack this little girl I will execute every last one of you. So you'd better back off."
Bending down to fully lift up Rini she said, "Come with me Rini and you'll be safe."
But Catzi said defiantly, "You won't kill us Sailor Moon. We will combine our powers and destroy you instead."
Catzi, Birdy, Avery and Prizma all stood side by side, while Frosty and Droido stood behind Birdy. Birdy's sisters were still rather snobby and wouldn't allow the Droids to stand on Birdy's right and left sides like they wanted. This slightly annoyed both them and Birdy herself as how could they help in the attack unless they stood on the ends of the full row? Besides they didn't want to do that because Birdy wanted them staying close to her. She was determined to protect them from the fate of the other Droids so far. They appreciated this and Birdy was consoled knowing Sailor Moon needed to get through her to get them at least.
As for Sailor Moon she was nervous. She knew that a combined attack from the Four Sisters would indeed be very dangerous, even for her. Unless the others turned up soon, she and Rini were definitely outnumbered.

Just as Avery was beginning to threaten and taunt them too, a familiar voice shouted out, "What cowardly bullies you are ganging up on our friends like that!"
Everybody turned and Sailor Moon exclaimed happily, "The Sailor Scouts have arrived!" It was Sailor Mars who had spoken. Luna and Artemis had gone quietly back outside to meet them as they arrived and show them where to go. They were walking ahead and the girls were right behind them. The cats moved aside and the Scouts advanced introducing themselves.
"I'm Sailor Mars!"
"I'm Sailor Jupiter!"
"I'm Sailor Mercury!"
"I'm Sailor Venus!"
Catzi sneered. "We have been wanting to have a showdown with you evil Sailor Scouts for a long time."
Sailor Moon was getting confused. "Again they call us evil," she thought. "What does it all mean? Are they crazy or just trying to confuse us?"
But as she and Rini watched Catzi and the other squared off against the other Scouts. Catzi literally fought fire with fire choosing Sailor Mars for her target. "This is for my partner Rhonda and all our other loved ones." They were pretty evenly matched as their fire attacks burned against each other and fizzled out, but they both relentlessly kept on trying to get through the others' barrier.
Avery chose Sailor Venus for her target using her frightening whips. Sailor Venus well remembered how she had been almost choked to death by a whip around her neck and ducked and weaved counterattacking with her own whip made up of Venus love hearts. Avery fought tooth and nail and they were evenly matched.
The same with Prizma and Sailor Jupiter who both had similar electrical shock powers and the area was soon filled with loud thunder crashes and lightning flashes along with the glow of bright orange and blue flames and the sharp noises of whipcracking.
But Sailor Mercury had the toughest battle of all, since she not only had to cope with the icy powers of Birdy, but also the occasional blast of Frosty's own icy breath and the dangerous acid shooting out of Droido's mouth.
Birdy laughed. "Good odds Sailor Mercury. Three against one. We will finish you as quickly as possible and then help my sisters overcome the other three. Then we'll destroy Sailor Moon, capture the kid and finally our families and friends will be avenged."
Sailor Mercury desperately dodged, weaved and used her powers to freeze Droido's attacks. But it was only a matter of time before she was overpowered and Sailor Moon knew this.
"My friends need my help," she thought. "Yet I can't leave Rini's side for fear one of them will attack her while she's alone." She hugged the terrified little girl close to her while she pondered her dilemma. If only Tuxedo Mask would show up.

Suddenly a blast of electrical power that was neither from Sailor Jupiter nor Prizma zapped Sailor Moon and Rini. "AAAAIIIEEEE!!!!" They screamed together and the Sailor Scouts all momentarily flinched during their battles. Including Sailor Mercury who almost dearly paid the price as she hit the ground and rolled out of the way as Droido's acid shot over her missing her face by a fraction of a second. It struck the wooden wall burning a hole through it.
While her friends continued struggling valiently Sailor Moon desperately shook Rini crying, "Rini! Are you all right Rini?"
Rini was badly dazed but she opened her eyes and pointed exclaiming, "Sailor Moon! Above!"
Sailor Moon looked up to see Thunderclap laughing with a new drum tied to her body. The lightning conductors were still crackling from the surge of power she'd just generated and Rubeus and Hypnotica were by her side. The three of them laughed uproariously floating up above their targets.
"This is the end of the line for you and your friends Sailor Moon," declared Rubeus.
"Why are you doing this?" Sailor Moon shouted as she kept holding Rini tightly to her chest.
Hypnotica spoke next. "Because you are wicked and need to be brought to justice."
"If I'm wicked then what do you reckon are my crimes?"
Thunderclap replied, "Don't play dumb Sailor Moon. We know what you did."
Rubeus pointed his finger at her and shouted, "We are all orphans because of you and your friends."
Hypnotica added with a growlish voice, "You murdered all of our respective families in cold blood and we've sworn to get revenge."
Sailor Moon couldn't believe her ears. "What the ding dong? We've never even met any of you before, let alone your families! This is utterly preposterous!"
Rubeus prepared to make some powerful attack of his own. "You can deny it all you want but the blood is sticking to your stained hands Sailor Moon. I shall now strike you down and capture Rini for our glorious cause." Raising his arms he conjured up some little red mini-bombs and was going to send them flying at Sailor Moon and Rini. As he threw them down Sailor Moon gave a tremendous jump taking Rini with her. Inexplicably the ball jumped with them. No doubt Rini's friend was controlling it. The bombs exploded leaving a smoking crater where they had been moments before. While they flew through the air Rini pleaded. "Sailor Moon! Don't let them take me!"
"I won't!" she promised her.
But Hypnotica gestured hypnotically with her power emanating from the big curved horn in her forehead. "You will slow down. You cannot move so quickly. You can't outrun Thunderclap and Rubeus when they attack you."
Sailor Moon felt the strong suggestive influence impeding her efforts to be ready to dodge. She grunted vainly and Rini whimpered. Rubeus and Thunderclap were getting ready to combine their powers in force.

But before they could launch their attack a barrage of roses suddenly came flying at Rubeus, petals first, disorientating him and causes his small bombs to explode. He, Thunderclap and Hypnotica were all dazzled by the blast and furthermore the shock caused thunderclap's electrical charge to rebound upon all of them. They screamed in pain as they twisted and convulsed in mid-air and Sailor Moon, released from Hypnotica's hold looked up and cried, "Look Rini! It's Tuxedo Mask!"
Rini was as happy as Sailor Moon herself to see Tuxedo Mask jump down from the top of a stationary crane to land by their side. He said, "Hey Sailor Moon! I think those three stooges could use a little scepter treatment. Don't you agree?"
"You bet Tuxedo Mask!" She produced her scepter and made her attack. "MOON SCEPTER ELIMINATION!"
Rubeus was just beginning to recover when he saw the deadly beams approaching him and his friends. "NO! NOT US!" He reached out and grabbed Hypnotica and Thunderclap by their arms on his right and left just as they were hit.
The others who had been fighting the Sailor Scouts were all horrified thinking they had been destroyed. Birdy screamed, "My friends!" and hugged Frosty and Droido tightly by instinct.
However Rubeus materialized just above their heads still holding his friends by their arms. He had only just managed to save himself and them in the nick of time transporting them out of the way with all his concentrated might. "Let's get out of here! Retreat!" he shouted as Hypnotica and Thunderclap realized their close call and de-materialized by their own power. Catzi, Avery and Prizma all de-materialized. So too did Birdy and her friends, although when they were all safely back at their spaceship headquarters, the others all gave them a stern, disapproving, malevolent glare upon seeing them bunched together in a big cuddle and they felt like crying once more. Again they departed to their privacy and strangely enough everybody felt a brief urge to call them back and tell them they hadn't meant to upset them. But as usual almost instantly it was suppressed and they all gritted their teeth and thought how disgusting those three were. Hugging! The very nerve of them.

In the meantime Rini was crying in Sailor Moon's arms while Tuxedo Mask, the Sailor Scouts and even Luna and Artemis watched wide-eyed. "Sailor Moon!" she cried. "Please always protect me from those people. I don't want them coming after me anymore. I need to find the Silver Crystal and take it back to the future to save my world from their conquest."
Sailor Moon was intrigued and she said, "We will all keep an extra close watch on you from now on Rini. Especially me. We don't know what their little game is but we will find out and defeat them once and for all."
Rini smiled through her tear-stained face. "Thank you Sailor Moon. I promise all of you I will keep trying to get the Silver Crystal off Serena somehow. It is essential to our victory. I won't let you or my people in Crystal Tokyo down."
Everybody was secretly wondering what the truth about Rini was. Should they share their own secrets with her? They all quietly knew this was a very important topic for personal discussion. They couldn't tell Rini anything in a hurry since they hardly knew anything about her themselves.
Sailor Moon just said to her, "Well Rini. That's the spirit. Keep trying hard. All of us have faith in you." But how very weird it felt to be wishing her good luck against her secret identity.

At that very moment in Crystal Tokyo, the Wiseman and the Grim Man were holding council with the sinister prince seated upon his throne hidden in shadows still. The Wiseman was waving his transparent hands over his crystal ball and the Grim Man standing by his side spoke. "Your Highness. The Wiseman and I are beginning to think that this Sailor Moon plays a key role in all of this. She could even be the key to our whole mission."
The Prince replied, "If this is true then we will have to destroy her to ensure our ultimate success."
The Wiseman suddenly cried out, "Wait a minute. I've just realized a very vital clue here in my crystal."
"What is it Wiseman?" asked the Prince.
"I see that Sailor Moon is a dead ringer for the Queen of Crystal Tokyo who we have trapped in enchanted sleep at that moment. This could be the connection. They may be one and the same person."
The Prince said, "Hmm. She may very well be the Queen's past self, just like the Sailor Scouts are the past selves of the four warriors who are hindering us as much as they possibly can."
"Prince. You realize what this means about the child our allies in the past have been trying to capture?" asked the Grim Man.
"I do Grim Man. If Sailor Moon is indeed the past self of the Queen then that means Rini would be her very own daughter."
The Wiseman concluded. "Then the elimination of Sailor Moon has now become a top priority."
"Exactly," the Prince agreed. "She is the killer of our loved ones. You our two mentors and guardians saved us all from being slaughtered as well and have nurtured us for the purpose of avenging our families. And now we must also avenge Rhonda, Jellax and Avocado. Sailor Moon must die!"
"Yes your Highness."
"We will help you achieve your revenge."
The two sinister beings laughed wickedly and the shadowed prince joined in the laughter.

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Let's see.....AMAZING CHAPTER!


The battle royale was perfectly written

Chibiusa telling Usagi useful information was interesting. Is she going to be more open to Usagi and the others in future chapters? And her begging for the crystal made me want to hug her. Poor poor Chibs

Thank you for having Usagi accompany Chibiusa. In the anime it seemed like the Tsukino's didn't care what happened to Chibiusa as she ran off all the time

And it seems she already knows very well who Sailor Moon really is. 

And finally....Prince Demande appears




Also, they manage to figure out that NQS and SM are one and the same. Nice

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