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Sailor Moon R Part 2 alternate take Chapter 7

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Things had been very stressed out and upsetting at the spaceship headquarters of Rubeus and his crew since Avery and Prizma had returned to report that Jellax was now dead and to their further dismay, Avocado had vanished. Everybody came to the assumption that the Sailor Scouts must have killed her too. Rubeus had responded thus.
"We've suffered a devastating double loss. We will go into mourning until after tonight and tomorrow we shall make plans to avenge our comrades."

Birdy, Frosty and Droido were cuddling each other and sobbing hysterically. This time not just Rubeus and his two best friends, Hypnotica and Thunderclap frowned heavily upon their actions, but Birdy's three sisters, Catzi, Avery and Prizma sent them looks that made them want to cry even harder. It was as if they were resentful of the fact that both of Birdy's friends had survived so far, while each of their single partners were lost.
Birdy stammered and gulped through her tears as she said, "C-c-come on g-girls. L-let's go into p-p-private quarters by ourselves." Droido and Frosty needed no second bidding. The trio rose and walked off arms around each other's shoulders fully aware of the sour looks all the others were giving their backs. When they shut the door they hugged each other and wept for a couple of hours. Then they all threw themselves on top of a huge bed with giant fluffy eiderdown pillows. Lying fully clothed except for their shoes which they all kicked off they cried even more. "Why are they so mean to us Birdy?" Droido sniffled.
"We used to all get along so happily together," Frosty added. "Why are things changed so badly?"
"I wish I knew why girls," sobbed Birdy. "You two are more like true sisters to me then my biological siblings. If I didn't have you I'd be all alone."
Frosty took Birdy's left hand in hers and Droido took her right. "You're our sister Birdy," said Frosty.
"Since our own families were all brutally murdered, you're the only family we have," said Droido.
Birdy felt secure in the middle of these two adopted sisters of hers. "I'll always be here for you both, just like you are for me," she said.
"It's you and us forever Birdy," said Frosty.
"United as one," said Droido.
And then the three women smiled and they laughed as they squeezed each others' hands forgetting about everything else in their joyful company.

That very evening at Serena's house Rini was feeling rather cross with her "aunt" and "uncle". She glared at them as they sheepishly sat together on the living room couch. "You promised me!" She accused them with her eyes blazing and they humbly apologized.
"We know honey," said Mum.
"And we're very sorry we have to break our word now," said Dad.
"I sure can sympathize with her," said Sammy, who was sitting in a chair by himself opposite behind Rini. "I know exactly how a broken promise feels."
Mum and Dad both sighed just as Serena entered saying, "Hey Mum. What's for dinner tonight?"
She pulled up short when she saw the expressions on everybody's faces and asked what the matter was.
Mum said, "We have a little problem Serena. But maybe you can help us?"
Dad went on to explain. "You see. We were going to go to a curry-cooking party at Rini's school tomorrow. All the kids and their parents will be cooking different kinds of curry dishes together. But now my boss has told me we're having an important business dinner tomorrow night, so Mum and I have to go to that instead."
"I get it," said Serena smilingly. "You want me to take your place tomorrow night at the party and help Rini with the cooking. It will be my pleasure."
Strictly speaking "Cousin" Rini had only been supposed to be staying for the holiday period's visit. But due to the mysterious influence exerted over Serena's family by Rini's strange friend who'd sent her to search for the Silver Crystal, they had all accepted the extension of her visit without question and she had enrolled in the Primary School as a new student. Serena, though she had been suspicious of her at first, was beginning to take a liking to Rini and she was very eager to do her this big favour.
But Rini said, "If it's all the same to all of you, I'd rather go to the party alone."
Everybody was surprised and Serena was gob-smacked. "W-w-what do you mean Rini?"
Rini was kind of getting to like Serena but she said firmly, but gently, "No offence Serena. But even though I realize you mean well, I fear you will probably make a few little bungles and ruin things. I know you're kind of clumsy and I want my curry to be perfect."
Serena was deeply offended. "What makes you think I'm clumsy you ungrateful child?"
With that retort she strode out of the room with her nose in the air, but in the doorway while she wasn't watching her feet she stumbled over the rug and with a cry fell flat on her face.
"Serena!" Mum cried as she and Dad jumped out of the couch and rushed over to where she lay sprawled and groaning.
"Are you okay Sweetie?" asked Dad.
Rini just looked at Sammy and he nodded grimly. Rini didn't need to say anything. Her case was already rested.

The following day Rini's school had a free day so that they could all stay at home and make what preparations they required for the big curry party with their families. However all the other schools including Serena's were running as normal.
Raye was at her own school too but she had Avocado tied firmly in a wooden chair with her hands behind her back deep down in the basement of the Cherry Hill Temple. avocado had no idea where she was or how she got there as she had been unconscious when Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter had slipped her secretly inside and secured her. She wasn't gagged but even though she had called out several times for somebody to release her Sailor Mars' magic charm sound-proofed her yells from echoing up above. Raye was intending, along with Serena and the other three girls, to confront Avocado as the Sailor Scouts after school and find out all about her clan and what exactly they were up to. Avocado had long given up crying out and straining at the ropes in despair. She dreaded what sort of things might happen to her.

But then to her joyful relief, the unexpected occurred. Catzi, Birdy, Frosty and Droido materialized in her presence surrounding her chair at each corner of a make-shift square. "How did you find me?" she gasped. As Catzi and Birdy proceeded to work together striving to undo her bonds Frosty spoke.
"Rubeus called us all together for a meeting with the Wiseman and the Grim Man. When they materialized in our spaceship they told us that you were still alive and that they had been able to pinpoint where we could find you."
Droido continued. "We were sent to rescue you while Avery and Prizma were sent back to the charm shop to secretly arrange things so that the people who work there will continue to fuel our Crystal Point just like the people at the ice cream parlour, the cosmetics shop and the martial arts classes that meet here at the temple."
As they slowly managed to pull the knots apart Catzi added. "Then Rubeus, Hypnotica and Thunderclap want you to help our two sisters infiltrate the fifth and final major Crystal Point. You'll be very pleased Avocado. It's suited to your unique talents. A grocery supermarket."

Just then the basement door opened and Raye's grandfather came walking down the stairs. Raye had set up a protective charm so that ne or Chad wouldn't see or hear Avocado if they entered the basement for any reason. However Raye had not expected any of the other clan members would also be present. He saw Birdy's friends and shouted at the top of his voice. "INTRUDERS! I will fix you!"
As he took a martial arts stance and prepared to attack Birdy cried, "Oh no! Stop him with your icy breath Frosty. Just long enough for us to escape."
Avocado was almost completely untied and Frosty blew with all her might taking Grandfather by surprise. He pulled up short shivering with the cold and in that moment Avocado was set free.
"Okay. Let's all go," shouted Catzi and the five of them de-materialized leaving Grandfather confused and rubbing himself to warm up again.
"Hey. What just happened? Where did they go?"

In the meantime while Serena and Sammy were at school and Dad was at work, Rini was trying to prove to herself that she could handle the curry-making by herself. Mum came into the kitchen to find her attempting to scrub out a big pot in the sink, while she was standing on a chair. Mum could hear her grunting and panting. "Rini dear. Are you sure you are up to this?"
Rini defiantly said, "I don't care if you cannot come. I can make the best curry by myself." But Mum noticed how Rini struggled with the weight of the pot to tip out the water and she almost collapsed into the sink on top of the implement. "Awk!"
Mum reacted tenderly and lunged forward putting her arms around the little girl and gently lifting her upright. "Rini. Sweet Rini. Are you all right?"
"Rini started to cry as she realized the truth and admitted, "I'm just too small. I do need help. Oh why, oh why did you have to get called out to a stupid business dinner tonight?"
She turned around and sobbed bitterly in Mum's embrace.
Mum thought and spoke, "Rini. Why don't you ask Serena to take you round to see Darien after school?"
"Darien?" said Rini. "But he doesn't want anything to do with Serena because of what Dad said to him."
Mum thought again and said, "I know Rini. Serena has explained the unfortunate situation to me. But tell you what. How about I go with the two of you on the excuse of helping you and Serena at least buy ingredients for your curry tonight? I'll make sure I shower and preen myself for the business dinner before Serena or Dad come home and so Dad can be getting himself ready to go out while I take you both out. He doesn't need to know who we'll be going to see, even though he has been feeling very bad about what he said so harshly to him that day. He doesn't need any distractions tonight."
"But why exactly should we go see Darien?" asked Rini.
"Because I remember he was such a clever talented chef in his own right when I knew him. I will tell him that I remember him well and ask him as a special favour and I can also try to see if I can loosen him up toward Serena by assuring him that Dad is sorry and would like to meet him at our house for dinner one day."
Rini kind of liked Darien, though she didn't fully know exactly why, so she cheered up and smiling at Mum said, "Okay then. Let's do it!"
Mum and Rini hugged affectionately and laughed joyfully together.

So it was that Serena went straight home from school as soon as she received a call on her communicator from Raye. "Bad news Serena," Raye had said. "The rest of the enemy somehow found out we were holding that hostage from their number. While we were at school they snatched her back. My Grandfather caught them in the act but they subdued him with a blast of freezing cold air and escaped."
"Oh no! What a dreadful disappointment!" groaned Serena.
"I agree. I thought we had a strong potential lead on them," remarked Raye. "But after I call to let the others know, I shall try my very best to get some insight from the Sacred Fire."
"Okay. Good luck."
Serena had felt so dejected as she walked home, but when Mum met her at the door and whispered her intentions to her regarding Darian she cheered up somewhat. Hugging her mother she whispered back her thankful gratitude. She hoped with all her heart that Darien would listen to her.

Darien answered the knock on his apartment door that afternoon to be faced with Serena and her mother. He was taken aback and said with a stammer, "Uh. S-serena! W-w-why have you brought y-your family to t-t-torment me?"
Mum took charge at once. "My husband isn't here Darien. He doesn't even know about this meeting. It's just me, Serena and Rini."
"Rini!?" Darien gasped and as he looked down Rini looked up into his perplexed face and pleaded desperately.
"Please Darien. I really need your help."
She was in such earmest that Darien looked at Serena and Mum and seeing that Dad was indeed nowhere to be seen said, "Okay. Come in and I'll make some tea."

And so while they shared some tea and biscuits together, Mum explained everything to Darien. How he and she had once known each other a long time ago while working at the supermarket, how very sorry Dad had been when he had found out about this and also the problem regarding Rini's curry-cooking party and the need for a substitute partner to assist Rini. Darien was amazed. "I haven't cooked curry for a long time, but I certainly recall the basic process," he said. Looking at Serena he added, "Tell you what. I'll help you buy the ingredients and go with Rini and Serena tonight as long as you promise me that Dad will not know. I'm still feeling somewhat uncomfortable even after what I've heard from you because I have also been thinking and wondering whether it really would be better if Serena and I split up because of our age differences."
"Oh Darien!" Serena was almost ready to cry. "Please don't say that! It doesn't matter to me. I love you so very much."
Darien gulped and said, "Please don't cry Serena. Please just at least give me a little time to think about this. That's all I ask. Is it unreasonable?"
Mum placed her hand on Serena's shoulder. "Serena dear. I think it is a quite reasonable request for Darien to make. He had quite a shock earlier and it's made him question things. Just let him think for a little while honey."
Serena composed herself and said, "Very well Mum."
Rini then spoke up, "So can we all go to the supermarket now?"
Darien smiled at her. "Yeah sure. Hey! Come to think of it we'll be going to the very environment where we first met though I have no personal recollection," he added to Serena's mother who smiled at the thought as well.
"That is nostalgic indeed Darien."
Serena grinned as the four of them set off together. At least Darien had not said no outrightly and just maybe, the curry party would be a positive influence on his decision.

In the meantime Avery, Prizma and their newly-restored partner Avocado had acquired special "permission" with the owners of the supermarket to set up a small stall of their very own. Due to their mesmerizing abilities of course. They were promoting a new and unique sort of fruit which they called Darkfruits. In reality they were blackberries that had been magically grown to the proportionate size of a melon and once somebody ate a free sample, he or she would unknowingly walk around and touch as many of the other fruit, vegetable and other products as possible. Thusly when those who didn't eat the Darkfruit bought and took their groceries home to eat, they would give strength to their allies' hold upon the last vital Crystal Point in Crystal Tokyo.

"Step right up folks and try our delicious Darkfruits," said Avocado disguised as an ordinary-looking woman. Many people did in fact stop to look at the Darkfruits and almost everybody did try a free sample.
"This is interesting. A new kind of fruit," said one man to his wife.
Another woman remarked to her children. "It looks good. Do you kids want to try some?"
"Ooh yes please Mummy." The children eagerly reached out their hands, took it and in seconds flat it disappeared into their mouths. "Delicious!" they exclaimed.
But as each grown-up and kid alike ate it, the magic took effect and they began to stroll innocently around touching everything they saw. Eventually they would buy some groceries to take home, but they were spreading the seeds around the store for the capture of the Crystal Point. Avery, Prizma and Avocado were delighted.

By the time Darien, Serena, Rini and Mum arrived, this had been going on for half an hour. Mum took charge of things. "Darien. To make you feel more comfortable I suggest we split up. Rini, you go to the meat section with Darien, while Serena and I go to the vegetable section."
Serena was a little unhappy about leaving Darien's side, but she realized that it was what he wanted to. So she went off with her mother and Rini helped Darien select what meat they wanted. "There's some ham Darien." Rini handed him the tin of meat from the refrigerated shelves.
"That's good Rini. Now we also want some chicken," said he as he took it from her. "Search carefully to make sure we find it."
"Roger Darien." Rini was feeling very cheerful.

Serena and her mother collected carrots, onions and lettuce from the vegetable section. "These are the best looking veggies I've ever seen Mum," said Serena joyfully. "Rini's curry is going to be delicious at the party tonight."
"I'm so excited for her Serena." Mum smiled and then added, "Now you keep looking here for other vegetables on her recommended list while I go search for the curry itself and the necessary sauces and seasonings. I need to walk past the fruit section to get there."
"You can count on me Mum."
But when Mum returned Serena was astonished. "Hey! Where's the spice and stuff you said you were getting Mum?"
She didn't answer. She just walked past Serena and began touching the rows of vegetables. "Mum? What are you doing? Talk to me!" Serena was dumbfounded, but suddenly Luna appeared by her feet.
"Luna! What does this mean?"
"It means get ready for another fight Serena. Raye had a premonition during her own private fire reading. There's suspicious activity happening here. She and the other Sailor Scouts are not far behind me."

Upon hearing this Serena realized that her mother was brainwashed, so she transformed. "MOON CRYSTAL POWER!" Then she said to Luna, "I must go and take Rini to safety first. She's at the meat section with Darien."
"Rini here?" gasped Luna. "You're right. You must get her out of the building but be quick about it."
Sailor Moon sprinted towards the meats and found Rini and Darien. "It's Sailor Moon!" cried Rini.
Sailor Moon spoke to her. "Rini listen to me. I have reason to believe some of the people who are trying to kidnap you are here in the supermarket. Please come with me and hide outside while my friends and I fight them."
Rini responded positively. "I trust you absolutely Sailor Moon. But what about Darien?"
Darien was ready with a good reply. "While Sailor Moon takes you to safety, I'll try to find Serena and her mother. I'm responsible for them."
"But Darien."
"Don't worry Rini. I'll be careful and besides, the other Sailor Scouts will be protecting all of us. Isn't that right Sailor Moon?"
He grinned at her and she grinned back. "Yes that's right. Well come on Rini. You're the one they want the most you know."
Rini reluctantly complied and Darien ran off to find a private place where he could get ready to fight himself.
As for Sailor Moon she carefully ran with Rini in her arms outside and ducked into a nearby alleyway. "Promise me you'll stay hiding here out of sight until you hear the coast is clear," she said.
Rini clutched her ball and said, "I promise. I know I'll be safe."
Therefore Sailor Moon turned and ran straight back into the supermarket and where she was concealed Rini could see the other four Scouts dash past only three minutes later. She felt very happy knowing they were going to fight for her.

Sailor Moon arrived at the Darkfruits stand first and she immediately recognized Avery and Prizma. "So you're up to your tricks again! Well I'm putting a stop to them!"
Upon hearing her threatening voice, the two sisters and their Droid, Avocado, turned to see her standing a few feet away.
"Sailor Moon again!" cried Avery.
"Destroy her for good Avocado!" ordered Prizma and Avocado didn't waste a second before changing into the form Sailor Moon remembered well from their last encounter.
"We meet again Sailor Moon!" she yelled and brandished her banana saber weapon.
Avery said to Prizma, "We'd better put all the innocent people into a deep sleep so they don't get hurt."
"Loud and clear Avery." With this the two of them changed into their regular appearances also and begun concentrating and gesturing. As their power spread out all the people fell to the floor where they stood. Even the odd individual who hadn't eaten any Darkfruit collapsed as they were on the verge of panicking and running away as they realized Sailor Moon was preparing to fight an extraordinary enemy.

"Look out Sailor Moon!" shouted Luna as Avocado sprang at her to slash with her saber. Sailor Moon shrieked and ducked only just in time to avoid decapitation. Avocado's weapon whistled through the air merely lopping off some strands of short, yellow hair from the top of her head. As she stumbled backwards desperately trying to find a chance to fight back, Avocado prepared to spring proclaiming, "I'm going to avenge poor Jellax and also poor Rhonda."
"Stop right there!" Another voice shouted and Avocado paused to see who it was. It was Sailor Mars. She had arrived with the other Scouts and with the help of Sailor Jupiter's great strength, they all shoved a shopping trolley sending it speeding towards Avocado's direction.
"It's time for you to check out with your trolley," said Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon, not to mention Luna, who had been secretly observing the enemy's stand before any of them arrived, were very happy and relieved by this back-up.
However before the trolley was exactly half-way to hitting her, Avocado whipped out a pineapple and threw it at the trolley. When it struck it exploded on impact destroying it just like a grenade would do.
Avery and Prizma both cheered. "Good defensive move Avocado! Now finish them off!"

Avocado produced an egg and said, "I'll incapacitate them first with the stench of my rotten egg bombs."
But before she could throw it, a rose stuck in the ground just missing her foot by mere inches. As she looked down automatically in confusion, Tuxedo Mask jumped down elegantly from where he had concealed himself in hiding next to the row of perspex windows along the top of the roof. He saw that the Scouts needed his help and swinging his cane he struck Avocado a painful blow on the wrist of her arm that was still stretched above ready to throw the egg. It flew backwards out of her hand and before Avery and Prizma realized, it had landed at their feet and exploded releasing its pungent, nauseating aroma. They both coughed and gasped falling to their knees as the stench entered their noses. Though since it was only one egg bomb they were not fully succumbed and they slowly rose up onto their feet, albeit slightly groggy.

As for Avocado, she had whipped out her banana saber in order to fight back against Tuxedo Mask and she began to duel with him against his cane. The Sailor Scouts and Luna watched with baited breath as Tuxedo Mask fought like a valient musketeer.
As the two sisters recovered Avery said, "I'll attack the Sailor Scouts while Avocado is fighting the masked man."
But Prizma said to her, "Hold it. I'm the older sister and so I think I should have first right at attacking."
"But I am more skillful than you, so I should go first."
"WHAT? You dare to say such a thing to me Avery? I'm going first!"
"No I am!"
And while Prizma argued with Avery, Sailor Moon's friends took the opportunity to surround them on all sides. Leaping through the air they all four landed nimbly on the floor one at each corner boxing the sisters in so to speak. As they realized what had happened the Sailor Scouts began taunting them.
"Nothing like good old sibling co-operation, and I'm right. This is nothing like it," scoffed Sailor Jupiter.
"You can say that again as many times as you like Jupiter," said Sailor Mars.
"What a dream team you two are," added Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus agreed.
Avery and Prizma nervously looked around them unable to make any sounds except "Er" and "Ah."

Meanwhile Tuxedo Mask and Avocado were still thrusting and parrying with each other, in much the same way as when Avocado had fought against Sailor Moon not too long ago. She was grunting with the exertion and determined to defeat him and Sailor Moon and Luna were watching with baited breath.
Finally Tuxedo Mask successfully managed to knock the banana saber out of Avocado's hand and even as she instinctively jumped back away from him, he pointed his cane at her. It grew to immense proportions in length and hit her in the chest, making her cry out in pain as she wobbled on her feet and clutched the area that had been struck.
Tuxedo Mask called out, "Finish her off Sailor Moon!"
"Oh yes Tuxedo Mask." As usual turning her tiara into the scepter she wasted no time in pointing it in the dazed Avocado's direction.
As Avocado was hit her final words were screamed out venomously. "I still won't beg for mercy heartless killer!"
Then she went kaboom leaving only a neckband she had been wearing with one of those dark moon gems that all the Droids wore somewhere upon their person.
Everybody turned their heads at the sound including Avery and Prizma. In that split second the two sisters realized the jig was up and before any of the Scouts realized, they de-materialized in retreat. But as they disappeared their voices echoed out very briefly catching everybody's attention again.
"It's all your fault that Avocado was finally killed!"
"Me? You were the one who stopped me from attacking the Sailor Scouts! Your responsibility!"
It was too late to stop the bickering pair from getting away and their argument must have continued for a little while after they faded out. But now all the people at the supermarket began to wake up, wondering what was going on.
Tuxedo Mask had quickly ducked away while Sailor Moon made her move against Avocado, but all the customers, including Serena's mother and also the staff members were gathering around the Sailor Scouts asking them questions. The Scouts looked at each other and shared a mutual understanding. This time it had grown too big.
Sailor Mars was the spokesperson by mutual agreement of the others and she addressed the crowd. "Everybody. It's all right. You were all brainwashed by a mysterious enemy, but they don't appear to have actually caused you personal harm. We are investigating these strange people and trying to find out their agenda. But they really haven't been hurting anybody in the process. That's what's so weird about the situation. But there is no need for panic at the moment until we discover what they're overall purpose entails. For now rest assured that we are watching out for them and if they begin to turn really bad we will fight every last one of them to the death."

The people were a little alarmed of course, but Sailor Mars' words were a comfort that filled them all with hope. They all thanked their guardians profusely, although the manager chased Luna out of the store. Well in truth, animals were not allowed inside the supermarket for health and hygiene reasons after all. Luna understood although she couldn't say so to the manager naturally.
As for Mum she asked, "Where are Darien, Serena and Rini?"
This time it was Sailor Moon who replied. "We managed to find them and escort them outside before they too were brainwashed. When we leave we will tell them to come back and join you here."
"Oh thank you Sailor Moon. Thank you." Mum was so emotional that she gave Sailor Moon a big hug. "Tell Serena I'm going to hug her just like I'm hugging you Sailor Moon."
As the embrace ended, Sailor Moon looked at her and said, "Serena will definitely know to expect this. You can be sure."

The Sailor Scouts retrieved the neck band with the gem before they left with loud cheers and applause behind them. Sailor Mars would add it to the other two she already had stored away in her sleeping quarters at the temple.
While her friends and Luna all went their separate ways, Serena looked around to make sure nobody was watching and ducked inside a phone booth. As she emerged from it as Serena she thought to herself, "Those Superman comics are right. Those things are a perfect quick change cabinet for super heroes."
Then she ran to the alley way and found Rini with Darien hiding. Darien had instinctively been drawn to Rini though he had not known where she was. He couldn't have explained it for he didn't understand himself. He had just told Rini that Sailor Moon had sent him to keep her company and Serena herself said that Sailor Moon had told her to find Rini with the good news that the enemy had been driven off once more.
Rini was very happy to hear this. "Sailor Moon is awesome! Now can we find my aunt please Serena?"
Serena smiled back and said, "Yes Rini. She's back in the supermarket waiting for all of us. Come on Darien."

So they met Mum inside and she hugged everybody. Even Darien. He blushed slightly but he didn't mind. They were only friends after all. Then they all finished buying the ingredients needed and Darien agreed to accompany Serena and Rini to help cook her curry at the party that night while Mum went with Dad to the business dinner and Sammy spent the evening amusing himself.

At the school gathering Rini and Darien were a little embarrassed as Serena bawled like a great, big baby while helping to chop up the onions and then she made a few clumsy mistakes including dropping the heavy pot on her foot. Everybody was staring incredulously at her, but she persevered and so did Darien until the curry was ready. Everybody shared a little taste of it and said it was delicious.
Rini said, "Well I must admit Serena, you may be an unbelievable clutz but you sure can make a yummy curry."
"Yeah," said Darien. "You must have hidden talent inside her meatball shaped hair."
As he and Rini both laughed Serena didn't know whether to take it as a compliment or not, but she held her piece and ate some of her curry. "It is true," she joyfully thought. "I can cook curry."
So she too joined in the laughter and everybody enjoyed the rest of the party.

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Another amazing chapter!


May i just say that there are so many feels in just that first paragraph. I love the friendship between Berthier, Frostie and Droido.

Grandpa Hino is hilarious

You gave a nice explanation on why Chibs had enrolled in school

Adding Ikuko in the shopping scene was a neat little idea, as it always bugged me how Usagi's parents just disappeared from the episode

And Mamoru wasn't as cold towards Usagi. Good stuff!


Mulan out!

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