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Galtca Knight's Steel Wing Brigade Member

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Given Name: Kiza
Sur Name: Alazun
Age: 15 (When converted to earth Years)
Height: 5'5"
D.O.B.: May 2nd (When Converted to Earth time)
            Brother - Diagias Alazun
            Parents - With-held

About Him:
                    Kiza is a young Knight in the Steel wing Brigade, one of the Galatca Knights squads that handles front line Missions, He is young but well skilled, though he can be very cocky and has a tendency to underestimate his opponent. He is very social and a kind hearted young man. His Brother is one of the Commanders for the Galatca Knights.

Element: Metal


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I've been gone for a bit have you updated this lately I tried to talk toyou earlier today but you know where off chat when I said hi and stuffso I was just curious if you updated yet?  :chibiusa:

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