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Sailor Moon Live Action Fancast

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i saw rumors that they were thinking of casting Megan Foxx as Sailor Moon but i don't think it's real and i don't really agree with that casting. so i wonder, what is everyone's ideal fancast for a live action Sailor Moon movie? :D


mine would be...


Sailor Moon: Emily Browning

Sailor Mars: Amber Midthunder
Sailor Venus: Emma Roberts
Sailor Jupiter: Aly Michalka
Sailor Mercury: Alexis Bledel
Sailor Uranus: Rooney Mara
Sailor Pluto: Omahyra Mota
Sailor Neptune: Emma Watson
Sailor Saturn: Elle Fanning
Mini Moon: Chloe Grace Moretz
Luna: Ellen Page
Naru Chan: Rachel Hurd-Wood
Umino: Michael Cera
Tuxedo Mask: Toss-up between Liam Hemsworth and Colin O'Donoghue... I can't really pick a good Tuxedo Mask haha :s

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