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Sailor Moon Crystal Act 13 Discussion Thread

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That was pretty disappointing


I hate how other Senshi's are pretty much useless

Metalia you are a good villain but a little stupid! Kill the damn senshi when you had the chance

I hate how everything is all about Usagi like in the old anime other senshi had chance to shine

Usagi Usagi Usagi! Usagi this Usagi that....  Too much Usagi and crying

How did the 4 crystal get in Tuxedo Mask's pocket?

How did Usagi and Mamoru die when they were not even hit (like they were lying on the ground)

I knew that we were going to have to wait 1 more episode to see the ending of this arc but come on they should have made this longer like someone mentioned

Why would you leave the sword in the dark kingdom?

The sword can break a diamond but not a pocket watch?

Animation was kinda bad




I'm not sure but didn't the glass already break?








This is funny



This is just pathetic




Reaction to this episode



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I kind of did but I forgot I still enjoyed it a lot.  


Same - I've read the manga, but it has been a little while and I don't have every chapter's content memorized. :)

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Absolutely boring - This compared to the original was just so bland, this is really getting worse as it goes along, they are jumping bits and rushing it to much.


I say it again and I always will unless they pipe up and make this new remake better - They should have kept it the same as the original series just updated the graphics and maybe added a little more in.


I just don't get why its been changed so much, WHY! why ruin something that was pretty darn good in the first place, blasting Darrien doesn't look like darrien should! Its just not the same with his mystical side and the love for her shows more in the original!


The cliff hangers are getting on my witts, when your just about to see something good they throw that in, the episodes are so short.

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