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[Blog] Sailor Moon Crystal Sound Track

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On December 24 Sailor Moon Crystal soundtrack is going to be released in Japan. The sound track will feature all the song from Sailor Moon Crystal Season 1 (Dark Kingdom arc and Black Moon Clan arc).

The cover has Prince Endymion, Princess Serenity and Luna in a stained glass window. You can order the CD from online retailers such as Amazon Japan, CD Japan or YesAsia. It will cost about $25 US or 3000 yen.


Here is the soundtrack:


Prelude: The Lengend

1. Legend of the Moon

Chapter I: Make Up!

2. Moon Prism Power Make Up!

3. Star Power Make Up!

4. In The Name of the Moon I Will Punish You!

Opening Theme

5. Moon Pride (TV Version)

Chapter II: Tuxedo Romance

6. Tuxedo Mask

7. Mamoru’s Theme

Chapter III: Sign of Phantom

8. Shadows lurking in the darkness

9. Beginning of the grotesque

Chapter IV: Pretty Guardians

10. Sailor Moon’s Theme

11. Sailor Mercury’s Theme

12. Sailor Mars’s Theme

13. Sailor Jupiter’s Theme

14. Sailor Venus’s Theme

Chapter V: Girls’ Holiday

15. Bright Sunlight

16. A New Day Has Begun

17. It’s Not Good, I’m Goofy

18. Every Day Wonderland

Chapter VI: The Ordeal of Love

19. Evil Tuxedo Mask

20. Conflicted Mind

21. A Deep Sorry

22. Love Again

Chapter VII: The Battle

23. Shock

24. The Darkness Attacks

25. Moon Healing Escalation!

26. The Sailor Guardians of Love and Justice

Chapter VII: Friendship

27. The Bonds of Love

28. Irreplaceable Friendship

29. Moments of Peace


30. Sailor V Game


Chapter IX: The True Face of the Sailor Guardians – Pretty Girls

1. Usagi’s Theme

2. Ami’s Theme

3. Rei’s Theme

4. Makoto’s Theme

5. Minako’s Theme

Chapter X: Small Stranger – Little Moon

6. Chibiusa’s The

7. Dazzling World

8. Dreamy Waltz

Chapter XI: The Return of Phantom

9. More Darkness Than Ever

10. Anxiety and Impatience

11. Tragic Battle

Chapter XII: Sad Black Lady

12. Black Lady

13. Quiet Sorry

14. Unleashed Anger

Chapter XXII: Through the Gate of Time

15. Door

16. Sailor Chibi Moon’s Theme

Chapter XIV: Determination

17. Omen of Doom

18. A Prayer to the Moon

19. Decision to Chest

Chapter XV: The Final Battle

20. The Final Battle

Chapter XVI: The Miracle of Love

21. Love Theme

Final Chapter: Finale: To The Future

22. A Refreshing Wind

23. The Story Will Continue Tomorrow

Ending Theme

24. Moonbow (Gekkou) (TV Version)

Also here is a preview of the soundtracks


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