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Pros/Cons of SMC

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The music, dont get me wrong i like the old music but this iteration feels more mature imo.

Less filler




Toei, everything that isnt Precure gets less budget ---> bad overall animation (sometimes)

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-Follows manga storyline more closely



-Low-quality animation that turns some fans off

-Uncertain future/unsure how much of the manga we will see since right now only 26 episodes have been ordered.

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Were do I start LOL 


AS i always say - If they kept it as the original okay add a little bit of new stuff in but mainly updated the Animation  this remake would have been a whole lot better.



Hate it, really do - The music I can live with but i do like the orginal intro and its not as blasting long!



*Storylines are poor and short

*The way the characters come across is boring

*The main battles are crap

*Overall it is very boring and very short.

*This is no romantic mystical love going on between serena and darrien.

*Legs are to long and faces to pointy.

*There are no witty comments made of them as in "meat ball head" we need this humor!


The only good thing about this.

*Better quality Animation.

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