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allanimelover introducing herself

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Hey there, to all of you, I'm new here.


Now what should I tell you about myself? Let me see...


Well, I'm 27 years old and come from and live in Slovakia (so I might make some mistakes in the English grammar which I'm apologizing in advance). I learned English for 7 years in elementary and middle school. My mother's language is Slowak, I also speak German, Hungarian and Czech.


Now in my free time I love to browse the internet (that is the way I found this forum also and I'm happy about it), read sometimes, listen to music and sleep a little longer into a day.


As for animes, one of my favorites is Sailor Moon, but I have a lot of others. So please feel free to ask about them if you want.


I hope we all can become good friends here. 

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Yays. That is cool. However I am not that literal. More like semi-literal so I might not set long posts. But what my char has to say, certainly is contained in the post.

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