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Age: 21
Birthday: December 7th

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Marital Status: LOST

Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Illness: Depersonalization; the sense that she's not really herself, but rather another person entirely. 

Personality: Determined, Caring, Sad

Abilities, Skills, and/or Powers: Ability to Heal Others Instantly




Not much is known by Phoebe about herself. She woke up one morning in a strange place. A woman called for her and claimed to be her mother. Phoebe tried to stand up, tried to walk around, but she couldn't. It was like she had forgotten how to walk. She also couldn't call out for help. Panicking, her parents called for a doctor to come by. It was shortly announced that Phoebe had amnesia and would have to take the next two months learning her basic skills again. 

She has still not regained all her memories from before, but she can remember having a strong passion for the Moon. Having a feeling of having to go to the Moon, Phoebe is now studying to be an astronaut.

Lately in her dreams, and when she zones out which happens frequently, Phoebe remembers a man named Ennove. She typically starts crying or attempting to find that man whenever he appears to her in her dreams.


Past Life Backstory:







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This was very well written, short and to the point I also like the picture and so does Ennove. Good OC again. :chibiusa:

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