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Yoamy or Yomeetto the Skyatanzeaan or Skyatanz Prince

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Readers note: had help from EliseAyumu to find one of the pictures 

Skyatanzeaan or Skyatanz Name: Yomeetto  Leeam Bram-bowlish

Moon Kingdom Pronunciation: Yoamy  Leeam Bram-bowlish

Defender Identity: The Silver Moon Fighter


Family: Father Naimess, Mother Azimay, Younger Brother Antish (The Moonlight Killer,) Grandfather Gruan Shitanza, Grandmother Layza Shitanza, Hendifa (was called Yomeetto’s step grandfather because he was the only one Azimay knew as a father but in actuality Layza and he never got married,) Kendren (step something) The Takey Night Ninja Azavay (selected girlfriend and future wife Skyatanzeaan,) Asherrainium Ora Orrainium actual girlfriend and future wife, future daughters Serena (Usagi,) Nalani and Yuki


Birthday: May 7 Taurus (was supposed to be born on May 18th)
Birthstone: Emerald
Blood Type: A
Astrological Sign: Taurus (elements Earth and Air)

Life Pursuit: emotional and financial security as well as keeping his family safe whether it be present day or future.
Vibration: Yoamy or Yomeetto has a determined energy about him

Yoamy or Yomeetto’s Astronomical Sign’s Secret Desire: To have a secure, happy and wealthy life/marriage.


Attitude and Personality: Yoamy is cool, calm and collected Yoamy manages to discreetly stay apart from a crowd, even though he has a well-earned reputation for being a socializer. He will let others get close, but only so close as he wants them the one that is allowed to get the closest besides his parents is Asherrainium or Asherraira in Skyatanzeaan. When he doesn’t want to hear your point is attitude is rather similar to talking to a tree he simply won't budge. He is also kind and caring but he is not a pushover by any means his feelings, fears and desires often run far deeper than anyone around him would guess. Yoamy is often describe to be like a butterfly that chooses to remain hidden in his own space until he is ready and prepared to emerge, so his true spirit and power remain hidden behind day-to-day activities. To others who do not know him well he can be seen as snobby, withdrawn, boring, or even sulky. The truth is, when he manages to operate very adequately on his own form of automatic pilot, he can switch off from the world around him very efficiently. When he does switch off, he is actually gathering in his inner reserves to deal with the outside pressures and he is also meditating at these times. Yoamy hates to be put in jeopardy of any kind, he strives to create tomorrow in advance, rather than leave it to fate although he knows he has one from his dreams. In love, Yoamy is regarded as an extremely sensual being but he is well mannered respectable and very patient.


Least Favorite Color: none
Favorite Colors: mix between blue and green
Favorite Food: anything that looks good
Least Favorite Food: none
Allergies: unknown

Likes: Helping others, singing, peace, sword fighting, Marshall arts Skyatanzeaan and Boatchy as well as star gazing
Dislikes: Evil, Injustice, rude people,

Favorite Classes: Marshall Arts choir or singing solo (although he finds it to be nerve-racking sometimes)

Least Favorite Class: history (has never interested him)

Favorite Stone: the Skyiit stone

Powers and Attacks: force field, Boatchy, he can fly, unlock doors using Boatchy,  manipulate people’s minds, heal people as well as himself, Invisible Seeker it finds a person’s weak spot but use caution it doesn't always work without proper training so don't use it until you master it, Silver Bird Air Stryker invisibility


Powers and Attacks: Air Stryker uses combination attacks with Yoamy becoming one in mind body and soul some of these attacks can be minor or severe depending on how mad Yoamy or Yomeetto gets.


Weapons: Two double edged swords as well as his wings


Background: Yoamy or Yomeetto was born in Skyattannzea but he has a secret home up in the mountains overlooking the whole Moon Kingdom Yoamy or Yomeetto was born during the Skyatanzeaan and Moon Kingdom generational wars, he was held by his grandmother Layza Shitanza before she died. She gave him all their love and prayers like she and Gruan had been waiting to give to a grandchild. Yoamy has been fighting off his brother since a very young age Antish has come close to killing Yoamy a few times but something always stopped him. Yomeetto also found his silver bird Air Stryker when he was three and a Silverlight surrounded him making his eyes glow a dark bluish silver. Yoamy was four when he saw Asherrainium or Asherraira in his dreams for the first time he knew he had to find her and protect her but there were obstacles in his way like The Takey Night Ninja Azavay and his father Naimess’ expectations. He was determined though and got his friend Charwar to help him escape on his fifth birthday he ran and flew as best as he could towards his destiny until he ran into King Anslam who verified the rest of his dreams which led to some devastation and hardship.


Present day: Yoamy and Asherrainium met again in the later years of elementary school. That is when he ran into King Anslam physically not just in his dreams as a shadow Yoamy did not know that later that day King Anslam would see his and Asherrainium’s reaction to each other. That is when King Anslam got an idea and put it into action when Yoamy joined them for dinner. That led to many other things for Asherrainium and Yoamy including the arrival of their three daughters from the future and many other things too numerous to count and list, full explanation written in both stories.



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Thank you I've been working on this one for a while now and finally got it out.


Very detailed! Little Yoamy's swords are just as big as he is!!!!

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