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Found 2 results

  1. I came across this article. I always was sure the 90s anime song Ai no etude is written for Uranus and Neptune and not Usagi and Mamoru but I found official proof so I thought someone might be interested so I share it. I saw so many sites sharing it as UsagiMamoru song... The article is from NewType magazine which was published in Japan in 1994. It states that the song is about Uranus and Neptune and their feelings for each other. It is unknown why it is not sung by the voice actresses, but the fact it is sung by a woman and a man doesn't make it a MamoruUsagi song. I mean just take a look at the lyrics, since when is Usagi an artist who paints and is linked to the sea? And since when is Mamoru a racer running on the racetrack? I thought UraNep fans want to know it is the first official UN duet
  2. ????Tifani

    Sailor Neptune

    Made here:http://www.dressupgames.com/celebrities/video-game-avatar-creator-2-human-8323.html

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