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  1. My first Sailor Moon drawing-I only had two colors of pen with me though lol; I should have made Rei
  2. I understand that this may seem petty, however, we've received the short end with our beloved franchise for far too long, and this is just the icing on the turd cake. If you agree with my argument, please, sign the petition, include your thoughts, and pass along to every friend and/or peer that you know is a Sailor Moon fan. We've put up with BS for far too long. We shouldn't be deprived of getting the very best just because we don't live in Japan. We can do this ! https://www.change.org/p/viz-media-postpone-future-releases-of-sailor-moon-in-the-countries-which-you-distribute-until-being-provided-with-toei-animation-s-legitimate-hd-remaster
  3. Age: 9 Birthday: July 5th Gender: Female Status: Crown Princess of Crystal Tokyo Family: Queen Usagi Lady Serenity (mother) King Helios (father) Princess Serafina Serenity (younger sister) Duchess Kousagi (aunt) Personality: Serena is a quiet child who prefers to be on her own, reading or playing video games. She has one true friend, Emily Tomoe (Hotaru's daughter) and whenever their together it seems like they're the only two people in the universe. Favourite Colour: Red Favourite food: Red Velvet Cheesecake Likes: Reading, being alone Dislikes: Party's and any social gathering Senshi name: Sailor Chibi Moon Sailor Crystal: The Scarlet Moon Crystal Henshin command: Moon Prism Power, Make-Up!
  4. What are your favourite ships? i already mentioned 3 of mine in another thread but here: Chibiusa/Helios Minako/Kunzite Ami/Urawa Saphir/Petz Kunzite/Zoisite Minako/Ace Saphir/Setsuna Usagi/Demande (Suffer in the name of the moon!)
  5. Hey Everyone, I've been making reviews on several of the sailor moon apparel items that have been released this year. I thought I would share them in case like me you've been tempted to buy up all these cute items that have been released. For some of these I would search the net for reviews before I bought them, but I never found much, so I decided to make my own : ) If you know of any merchandise review sites, feel free to share them! Or let me know what your favorite Sailor moon apparel item is. Check out my reviews below: http://sailormoonmerchreview.blogspot.ca/
  6. hey! i'm sorry if this has already been posted i seem to remember reading something about tumblr on here but now i can't find the thread, so i'm sorry if this is already a topic that everyone has discussed but i was just curious to see how many people are on tumblr! i'm looking to follow more Sailor Moon blogs. i have a "personal"/music blog and a disney/sailor moon/comic book/cosplay blog which is: http://ohaliceinwonderland.tumblr.com feel free to follow me or send me a link to your blog! i always follow back no matter what kind of blog you are but i figured this forum would be a great resource for SM blogs
  7. i recently found a really great website that has a lot of cool sailor moon designs, i thought i would share it. http://www.lookhuman.com/search/sailor%20moon enjoy!!
  8. here is a painting i did about a month or so ago. i used acrylic paints on canvas paper. as you can see i struggled to get a good shot of it - some weird shadows/angles going on here but i think you can make it out okay. took me a few hours, not sure how long - i lost track. anyway i hope you guys enjoy it!
  9. i have always found horoscopes to be very interesting. so i'm matching up horoscopes with their corresponding senshi and a brief description of each. Aries - Sailor Mars hot headed, brave, energetic Taurus - Sailor Star Healer calm, grounded, down to earth Gemini - Sailor Star Maker creative, mercurial, curious Cancer - Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon kind, loving, open hearted Leo - Tuxedo Mask enjoys the spotlight, friendly, fun-loving Virgo - Sailor Mercury reserved, shy, smart Libra - Sailor Venus fair, reasonable, fun to be around Scorpio - Sailor Pluto mysterious, misunderstood, passionate Sagittarius - Sailor Jupiter adventurous, exciting, positive attitude Capricorn - Sailor Saturn complicated, sometimes too serious, thoughtful Aquarius - Sailor Uranus eccentric, caring, artistic Pisces - Sailor Neptune motherly, sweet, nurturing i'm a Scorpio, Sailor Pluto note: this correspondence is based off of the horoscopes of the characters themselves!
  10. So a few years back, I found this freakishly awesome web site where you can download a whole bunch of fan made Sailor Moon games, and even a few official games! The coolest part is someone even went through the trouble to make a Sailor V game to replicate the version you see in the anime! It's super fun to play too. I'm going to forewarn you all that the site I'm going to link you to DOES have a few hentai games, so if you don't like them, simply don't go to that area of the site. It's very easy to avoid, so no need to worry. (The site has them in their very own category, so like I said, easy to avoid.) Also, the website is currently updating itself, so in order to download most of the games, just go to the older version of the site, since the new one isn't very far in development. (This is clearly subject to change, as I pressed the link to some of the games on the older site, and they were no longer there, so I'm assuming most things are getting moved over now) Happy gaming everyone! Here's the link! http://www.sailorvgame.org/
  11. http://www.moonkitty.net/reviews.php Basically a whole heap of merchandise links (mostly amazon, sorry to those who may hate their shipping prices with a passion) It doesn't have a lot of the super rare stuff that costs a buttload, but there is some very pretty merch all the same. Any Aussies (particularly in and around melbourne) should give minotaur comics a look as I have seen a decent amount of the merch shown in the moon kitty reviews (bags, accessories and the like) stocked there (as well as the new manga) I've looked online and hot topic have some decent t-shirt designs and I've seen the odd official sailor moon plushie in various places (both online and IRL) apparently there are inner senshi plushies somewhere but alas I have yet to locate any near me. All this stuff is a reason why I need a job >.<
  12. Hi Sailor Scouts! I'm trying to win a T-shirt contest on threadless so my Sailor Moon drawing can become a shirt! This will be my only attempt to get this printed, and the only time people would be able to get this design on a shirt. So if you would like to see this available for purchase please help me out!! :Sailor Moon 2: https://www.threadless.com/designs/moon-power-2 Here is the link to my threadless entry, please help by clicking and voting a 5!! Please consider sharing with your friends too! Thank you!!
  13. http://silvermoon424.tumblr.com/post/6758390275/sailor-moon-mythology-selene I love how Sailor Moon is based off mythology :Tuxedo Mask: Both the anime and the manga briefly mentioned the relation between Queen Serenity and the moon goddess Selene, but this post explains the connection. Any other Sailor Moon connections/relations you guys are interested in? ~Elle Information belongs to http://silvermoon424.tumblr.com/ Image belongs to Sailor Moon author Naoko Takeuchi
  14. I drew this like a million years ago, ha ha, but I hope you like it anyway.
  15. Found a video someone put together about all the voice actors in the new dub! It shows some examples of the actors skills, next to who they will be playing. Thought you'd all enjoy it.
  16. I really hope they do, because from the sounds of the description, Sailor Moon Crystal is only covering the first arc. I would love it if they were to continue it afterwards. I feel like usually, animes only start out planned to only have one season, just to see how it will work out. So maybe, if Crystal does well, they'll continue on with the other arcs? What do you think they're going to do?
  17. ????Tifani

    Eternal Sailor Moon

    This one was kind of difficult. Made here: http://www.dolldivine.com/rpg-heroine-creator.php

    © Tifani Pulsifer

  18. Hey Guys! I'm new to the forum! As a fan of the DiC voices from Sailor Moon, I am hoping that Terri Hawkes will reprise her role as Sailor Moon in the new anime. I've created a Youtube video showcasing some of Terri's finest moments from the show: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PICVftTCB8 Let me know what you guys think!
  19. ????Tifani

    Serena (Usagi)

    Made here:http://www.girlsgogames.com/game/sofias_valentine_makeover.html

    © Tifani Pulsifer

  20. ????Tifani

    Sailor Moon

    Made here:http://www.dressupgames.com/celebrities/video-game-avatar-creator-2-human-8323.html

    © Tifani Pulsifer