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  1. Hey, there. Long time Sailor Moon fan here. (seventeen years or so) I've always loved the show because it's fun, can be really funny, and the characters are super well written and very relatable. My favorite would be Sailor Venus (as you probably guessed from the pictures), but I love something about all of them (rare from an anime for me). I'm excited to post here and talk to more fans!
  2. TenouHaruka


    Hi all! New to this forum, not new to Sailor Moon fandom. I didn't have good experience with friendships so far but who knows, this place might change it, I decided to give it another try. My all time favorite is Neptune/Michiru, fav version of Sailor Moon are the musical and 90s anime (sorry I absolutely dislike Crystal). Dunno what else to say. Yoroshiku ne.
  3. Hey, I am SailorEarthfae, that is based on my fictionpress/fanfiction author name Earthfae. My biggest hobby is writing, and I am trying to get one of my completed stories self-published while working new ones. In fact I took a break out of working on a new chapter to make this profile. I have only written one Sailor Moon oneshot as fanfiction, so far. I have been a Sailor Moon fan since I was young. I was rather late to the game and only saw S and Super S on Toonami it was only until years later when youtube first came out (God, I feel old saying that) that I finally got to watch Classic and R in the original Japanese. The uploader didn't make it to S, so I never fully saw it in the original. I got the manga when it was released. I am a fan of the original anime, manga, and PGSM. I have never seen the musicals. I personally don't care for Crystal at all. My favorite Senshi are Sailor Moon, Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune. I love all Sailors, (Except Chibi-Usa) but those are my favorite, but I am probably most like Ami since I tend to be soft spoken and a nerd, and I love swimming. I also can relate to Usagi with being clumsy and rather insecure. I would personally love to be like Neptune the most with her elegance and classiness. My couples are Usagi/Mamoru, Usagi/Diamond, Usagi/Rei, Neptune/Uranus, Mercury/Jupiter, Rei/Venus (PGSM) Usagi/Ami (PGSM) Shittenou/Senshi with Jadeite/Rei being my favorite. I hope that wasn't too long. I need to get back to writing now.
  4. Hello everyone! I've just joined the forum, and making an introductory post seemed appropriate. I am more likely to lurk than post, but who knows - we'll see how it goes. A bit about me: I am a 24 year old PhD student, currently on the last few days of my Christmas holiday. Like many of you, I have been a fan of the sailor moon series (manga and original anime) since I was small and I'm currently enjoying SMC. Thank you in advance for being welcoming, and I will be seeing you around the forums.
  5. Hello everyone! ╰☆╮ I'm Sailor July, also known as Angie, a 24-year-old girl living in Utah with my gorgeous best friend, wife and soul mate Jen! ♥ We have two kitties, three birds and three hermit crabs. They're our babies. I am a gamer, geek, anime and manga loving, shopping addicted, artist, blogger and Pagan. I have a lot of interests and I love making friends! Jen and I started watching Sailor Moon on Hulu last month, with neither of us having watched SM as children and WE FELL IN LOVE! It's so amazing. Jen has nicknamed me Usagi because I am... Well, I pretty much am her, without even trying. Usagi is an idol of mine, so that is an honor. We're now on Sailor Moon R, and watching Sailor Moon Crystal. I came across some SM OCs on deviantART and decided I wanted one as well. Since others' have used names that aren't planet related, I think it's okay that I went with Sailor July. I was born in July (I turn 25 on the 28th) and consider my birth month, and Leo traits, very important. They truly define who I am - both good and bad. So! Sailor July. I've rambled enough and SMC is almost on! So... Yeah! Hi! Let's be friends.
  6. Hello! My name is Misty, I'm twenty years old, and have watched and loved Sailor Moon since I was about five years old. It's nice to meet you all! I'm super excited I found a Sailor Moon forum again! You know. at one point , my first Email address was at Sailormoon.com. ha ha. My name here is actually based off of that place, mostly for nostalgia factor on my part. I figured, why not. Did anyone else know about that site? Because, it was a lot of fun, and you made your own email address through that place. It was kind of cool, it was a forum, and an email address. How cool is that? It was awesome having my Email address be [email protected] I miss it. Anyway, you'll discover I'm quite the ranter. I thoroughly enjoy searching up Sailor Moon trivia, and then driving my friends crazy with it. I recently just finished watching the entire series, and reading the whole manga. I grew up with the American dub of the anime, and somehow managed to skip the entire second season, with the exception of the movie. My resources for watching Sailor Moon when I was young were through Blockbuster, buying the tapes from a local store, and borrowing tapes from my friend (ironically, bought from that same store...). Somehow, I had never actually watched it on a television channel. I own quite a bit of Sailor Moon merchandise, including an, apparently, incredibly rare Pencil Box, which I will post a picture of later. Anyway, nice to meet all of you! I hope I can make some great friends on here! It's been forever since I've been on a forum specially made for Moonies like myself!
  7. Hello! I'm so glad that i've stumbled across this awesome messageboard! Like everyone else here, I LOVE SAILOR MOON!! Here's a bit about me: I'm 21 years old. I own 3 black cats (Spooky, Boogie/Boogeyman & JuJu) I enjoy tarot reading and tightlacing.. my favorite season is fall and my favorite colors are dark blue, peachy-pink & turquoise. My favorite Sailor Scouts are Mars & Jupiter... and of course Sailor Moon & ChibiUsa (Rini has always been my most favorite) I live with my boyfriend who i've been with for almost 4 years and he does a pretty good impersonation of Molly from the English dub. It makes me laugh everytime. I love spicy fried chicken and white tuna rolls with cream cheese (but not together). Not really into alcohol, but when I have a drink.. it's usually a glass of moscato. I love amusement parks... I've been to six flags in Georgia and Texas, all theme parks at disneyworld, disneyland, seaworld/universal studios/ripley's believe it or not in Cali and Florida, kings island, cedar point, bush gardens & the knott's berry farm plus more! I think mustard and mayonnaise are super gross and if I took just a lick of either one i'd end up puking everywhere. I also don't really like artificially flavored things that taste like bananas or pineapples (although I really like the actual fruits). If you'd like to know more about me, please don't hesitate to ask! :Luna Happy:
  8. Hey guys! Some of you may already know me from SMF, I have a few posts on there... previously with the username "Cosmos" and now it's changed to "Silver", as it is here. Anywho, for everyone else... I'm female, 23 years old, living in Romania (Eastern Europe), and I'm starting my fifth year as an Architecture student. I'm interested in most of the arts (painting, movies, animation, sculpture/figure-making, music and literature) and keep trying my hand at random stuff... my main love is drawing though. Even though there's tons of room for improvement . I discovered Sailor Moon when I was a little girl and it aired in my country... and then it also aired on an Italian channel and I think German channel as well. So basically I saw got to watch seasons 1-4 as a kid, but in multiple languages, only one of which I spoke and two of which I understood (Italian is understandable for Romanian speakers, because both languages are Latin in origin). It took me many years to come back to the obsession, but I did, a few years ago. Just as my parents were glad they would never hear of sailor-suited warrior girls ever again . My fave character is Princess Serenity, because I think of her as the starting point for all events in the actual anime and manga. Plus I'm a sucker for the whole reincarnation thing, and her being so pretty and royally elegant and the Moon Kingdom being all Islamic in architectural inspiration (it's basically a Taj Mahal on the Moon)... and the Art Nouveau-ish art surrounding her. And my fave senshi are Moon (actually, if you want to get technical, Super Sailor Moon because PRETTY!), Mars and Saturn... And I also have a soft spot for Venus, who I ironically hated as a kid. Cosmos is also awesome but more for her outfit than anything else - maybe we can see more of her in the up-coming anime. Oh and one more thing: I'm verbose. Very, VERY verbose. So please don't make fun of my walls of text, I just can't help it. Oh, and I use smiley faces way too much for someone my age. That's what you get when you've been on the Internet for so many years. So yeah, that's about it. See you guys around!
  9. Hey everyone! My name is Yoli and I'm trying to play catch up through the seasons before the summer. I'm on S3 and I find myself cursing like a sailor (lol) because I constantly ask myself "HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THEY ARE MICHELLE AND AMARA!!!!" Anyways I just about peed myself with excitement when I heard Sailor Moon is coming back on air! I have not seen Sailor Moon since I was a wee little moon and I just can't wait! Now for a refresher and actually watch (and understand) the series! I can't wait to be a part of this community! -Yoli
  10. Hey there! My username is CassyHattori63, but my name is Cassy Hattori! I'm 20 years old (My birthday is September 30!), Bloodtype o, Brown hair and Blude eyes. I can be a bit forgetful and klutzy, and my worst fears are clowns, vantriliqist dummies that look like slappy, and spider, but only when they crawl on me. I am a professional manga- ka (Comic Artist specializing in Japanese style), and Animator. My company(-ish) is called Hanami63. I have a Deviant Art account here: Cassy Hattori:http://cassyhattori63.deviantart.com/ Hanami63:http://hanami63.deviantart.com/ I have Youtube accounts too: CassyHattori:http://www.youtube.com/user/thecassyhattori?feature=results_main Hanami63:http://www.youtube.com/user/hanami63?feature=results_main I am working on my websites. My favorite foods are: Pocky, Chocolate, well, basically anything sweet. Favorite Drink: Coffee, Juice (Not apple or Orange), Mocha Lattes Favorite Subject: Animation Favorite catchphrase: "In the name of (Insert whatever you want here), I will Punish you!", Nante ne! (Just Kidding/ Whatever) Favorite things: South Park, Anime, Manga, Vocaloid, Hello Kitty Least Favorite food: Mustard, anything apple flavoured (Actual apples are the exception) Least Favorite drink: Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Plain Lattes and Cappicino Least Favorite Subject: Math and Science, Dance Least Favorite catchphrase: "That's the plan Stan" (I hate the Stan part.) Least Favorite Things: Breakable doll (Except for Ball joint dolls fro Japan), well, I've already explained the other stuff earlier. I hope we all become good friends through our love of Sailor Moon and Anime! Jya!