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Julianna Okumura

Where did everyone go?
Feb 11 2017 05:35 PM
  • Zero's Photo
    Yeah, well site was down for a loooooong time so yeah
    Feb 15 2017 01:00 AM
  • Nico Yazawa's Photo
    Nico Yazawa
    Yush and my profile pic is gone too....Ugh I don't wanna look for one .....But yea I'll try to be here as much as possible now ...O promise...But...Like ...Idk.sorry for this ridiculously long comment
    Mar 01 2017 01:55 PM
  • Mizuno_Ami's Photo
    I didn't know it was back since I hadn't checked since January. The email sent out kinds alerted me.
    Mar 01 2017 04:13 PM