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    On the planet Mars.
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    Im a 15 year old girl called Lauren and I am from England. I watched sailor Moon when I was five years old and now it has been ten years. The character in sailor Moon most is Sailor Mars.

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  1. It is hard to do. What I do is look up the different types of moon and stars and etc decide what one I like best because Sailor Scouts are based on space and then I figure out what sort of powers she has based on her Moon or whatever and match her powers with her personailty. [email protected] Yea I Lilac is pretty jealous of Rei hanging out with someone other then her I edited some stuff.
  2. This is probably one of the most Debated questions. On wikimoon and Wikipedia it is saying that Kunz x zoi never existed in the Manga and that Senshi and Shitennou did. The pairings: Rei x Jedite Minako x kunzite Makoto x Jupiter Ami x Zoi If Im not mistaken the creator of Sailor Moon said that them Pairings never existed and were just a what if pairing just for fun and had no meaning. But in the Sailor V Manga it hints at kunzite and Minako. But in rei`s short story Casblanca jedites faced showed up in one image because he was her crush or something like that. So Jedite and Mars could of been together in a past life. As for the minako and Kunzite part it said that Minako is awalys falling for new guys, I aslo read somewhere that Minako loved Kunzite but he didnt love her back. Say if you think it exists or not.
  3. I think Haruka is very strong because but not as Athletic as Jupiter. Because we all know haruka is a race driver which makes Haruka a bit more strong. When Michrui and Haruka was against Sailor Moon in one of the Sailor Moon S episodes we saw some of Haruka attacks against Sailor Moon. Minako Is aslo experinced because she Used to Be sailor V so she would be more pepared then the others to defeat evil and Minako can aslo jump from buildings to buildings without even transforming. Minako is great at basket ball as well.
  4. I would like to see the inner and outer scouts in there eternal forms which is my favourite Transformantion. Then I would like proper attacks for Sailor saturn and power ups because she got nothing but only one in the game and I would like better animation. Thats all about it for me.
  5. To be able to have super powers would be interesting. I would like to be able to have the power of fire and be able to teleport to the planets and to fly.
  6. I havent seen the Manga version yet. Which I am hoping to read some day. I would like Sailor Mecury to have some better attacks. Seriously. " MECURY BUBBLES BLAST! " and all that happens is the room goes foggy and the monster cant see literally.
  7. Sailor Moon or Sailor Mars. -_. Sailor Moon- Because she is awalys protecting her friends and is super nice even tho she is a bit clumzy and dumb ._. Sailor Mars- Because she is a great leader and is strong. She doesnt trust people to easily.
  8. I loooooooooooooove Fairy tail. The character I love most is Erza.
  9. Lets see. Girl: Sailor Mars, I just love her black flowing hair. Guy: Jedite.
  10. Rei and chad! Well chad would be chasing after rei, I would of thought.
  11. If it is not obivous who I would choose. Guy- jedite girl- Beruche from the four sisters.
  12. I am my sailor Phobos or in her human form she is called lilac.
  13. I saw some other people created there own Ocs so I wanted to make my own. Mine is Sailor Phobos! Sailor Form: Age: 18 Name: Sailor Phobos Transformantion name: Phobos crystal power make up! Phrase: I am Sailor Phobos and the power of the planet Phobos will destroy you! Hair: red velvet cupcake colour shoulder length hair with curls. Eyes: A dark brown colour. Sailor History: Lived on the Planet Phobos which is a guardian Moon to the planet Mars. Died in the battle of the Dark kingom war trying to protect the princess of Mars. Sailor Phobos trains daily to increase her magical Powers. Powers: Fire and nature. Power attack: Natures fire! ( An explosion of fire attacks the area ) Natures attack! ( Bunches of plants and trees grab the opponent ) My scout: ( My scout looks different in her human form then her sailor form ) Human form: Name: Fudo ( Means the god of Fire ) Akako ( means red ) Age: 18 Job: No job. Hobbies: Proffesional Hunter. Likes going into the country side. Sports like Netball and tennis. Traits: Adventorus , atheletic,Untidy,fast, Normal clothes: A red Mini skirt with black ankle boots and a classic fedora on her head with a black sleaveless top. Birthday: 1994 october. favourite colour: Red Least favourite colour: Pink Favourite food: A vedgtable wrap Least favourite food: Burgers Eyes: A light brown. Hair: Red hair with black curls at the bottom of the hair. Human History: Born In England but at the age of 14 lilac moved to Japan tokyo with her parents. She went to rayes all girl school ( Can someone tell me the name for rayes school? ). She was best friends with rei until the scouts started hanging out with rei. Lilac started to have dreams of a princess from Mars who she needed to protect. How she found out the others were sailors: Lilac was walking home from a afternoon netball club and saw the girls transforming. I add more informantion.