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    Blue Exorcist, Sailor Moon, and MEPHISTO!!!
  1. I thought the Japanese Sailor Moon voice was really high pitched
  2. ooh! Julianna I want to go with you! And go spend time with Mephisto
  3. I think Sailor Moon evil would be funny
  4. Hi Justin Im Sierra, Im new too
  5. I basically like Blue Exorcist
  6. so, whats your favorite Blue Exorcist character? Mine is Mephisto Pheles obviously!
  7. nice description! and nice pic of Mepphy! I just adore him, you can have Rin lol
  8. wow Julianna! You like Blue Exorcist too? well i think Mephisto Pheles is good looking!
  9. Mepphy53

    Im Sierrra

    Hi Im Sierra and im 14 and I live in the U.S.A i like good anime and manga and lots of candy! My favorite anime is Blue Exorcist and my favorite character is Mpehisto Pheles!