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  1. Hey there and welcome to the forums, we are pretty quiet around here, though hopfully things will pick up.
  2. Hey and welcome to the Forums feel free to look around all ya want.
  3. Well one thing that needs to be done is getting the site known and out there. Not sure who we can go to for help though. I can poke another site I know of but no promises.
  4. THis is adverting, though it is for a good cause and the won item is Sailor Moon related, Ill let Zero call if this post stays.
  5. So back in the 90's there was a company around called Guardians Of Order who made Roleplay Books, much Akin to how Wizard of the coast made DnD and Games Workshop makes The Warhammer books. The company is now Bunk and anything they made is no longer printed officially, so anything Physical is VERY hard to find, and Id imagine being sold at outrageous prices on Ebay Or Amazon. SO heres a link that has the Books archived. https://missdream.org/raw-sailor-moon-downloads/sailor-moon-guardians-order-role-playing-books/
  6. Yo, welcome to the forums. Don't mind the dead zerg, that's on me.
  7. Hey, and welcome to the forums
  8. Wow, didn't know people could mod like that.
  9. I live in a house where they just don't get it. Then again they are my grandparents who are stuck in the 80's mindset when it comes to entertainment. Though my mom and step-dad are into it.
  10. What do you expect from Disney these days? They cant do anything Orignal anymore FFS they are making Live actions of their old animated movies
  11. Given Name: Kiza Sur Name: Alazun Age: 15 (When converted to earth Years) Height: 5'5" D.O.B.: May 2nd (When Converted to Earth time) Family: Brother - Diagias Alazun Parents - With-held About Him: Kiza is a young Knight in the Steel wing Brigade, one of the Galatca Knights squads that handles front line Missions, He is young but well skilled, though he can be very cocky and has a tendency to underestimate his opponent. He is very social and a kind hearted young man. His Brother is one of the Commanders for the Galatca Knights. Element: Metal
  12. With how much she is a clutz I doubt she could even get one.
  13. Name: Fire Emblem Awakening Quiz Category: Games Description: A quiz about Fire Emblem Awakening. Click here to take this quiz!