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    Retro Gaming, Anime, Sailor Moon, Madoka Magica, Running, conventions, cosplay, funko pop collecting, and much, much more
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    Sailor Venus
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  1. I really like what I hear from it so far. I love that they're using Sarah Williams after her great performance in Madoka Magica.
  2. JMac52

    Avengers EndGame

    Responding super late to this, but absolutely loved it! It was 3 hours long, but sure did not seem like it.
  3. If this is in the wrong section, I apologize. So, I know we all here love Sailor Moon, but do you like other magical girl shows as well? (asking for curiosity's sake and for new anime to watch ideas) Madoka Magica is a favorite of mine as I love the characters, surprisingly dark tone, and the overall tragic story. I also enjoyed "Yuki Yuna is a Hero!" and Princess Tutu for similar reasons, and there's several I'm probably forgetting. What are some of your other favorite magical girl (or boy) shows?
  4. Thanks! And, awesome! *high fives*
  5. Thanks! And that's okay. Hopefully I can assist in making the place a little more lively!
  6. I love both, but I'm biased towards the inner scouts myself. Their misadventures entertain me way too much.
  7. Hey, there. Long time Sailor Moon fan here. (seventeen years or so) I've always loved the show because it's fun, can be really funny, and the characters are super well written and very relatable. My favorite would be Sailor Venus (as you probably guessed from the pictures), but I love something about all of them (rare from an anime for me). I'm excited to post here and talk to more fans!