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  1. yoli

    Hi! I'm Yoli :)

    yay! Thanks! so are you asking that I like Digimon because of my name? fo reelz tho ... my name really is Yoli...
  2. yoli

    Hi! I'm Yoli :)

    why is this even a question? I <3 Digimon! that's my childhood!!! Digimon, Pokemon, DBZ, SAILOR MOON, cardcaptors ... The memories!!
  3. Hey everyone! My name is Yoli and I'm trying to play catch up through the seasons before the summer. I'm on S3 and I find myself cursing like a sailor (lol) because I constantly ask myself "HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW THEY ARE MICHELLE AND AMARA!!!!" Anyways I just about peed myself with excitement when I heard Sailor Moon is coming back on air! I have not seen Sailor Moon since I was a wee little moon and I just can't wait! Now for a refresher and actually watch (and understand) the series! I can't wait to be a part of this community! -Yoli