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  1. It would have been nice to play that event and all of the other events that haven't been shown in the English version of Sailor Moon Drops, but it's not going to happen unfortunately. I would have love it if Bandai hasn't shut down Sailor Moon Drops so that way everyone could keep on playing it.
  2. The best looking villains in my opinion are Prince Demande and Saphir because the both of them are very attractive guys and they are my favorite male villains too.
  3. This is a thread about the Sailor Moon Drops game and I am very sad that the game has shut down yesterday. I really love playing that game a lot and I just couldn't believe that it would be gone just like that. If anyone has ever played Sailor Moon Drops, how do you feel about the game being shut down?
  4. This game looks very interesting and I might get it too.
  5. That's amazing news and yeah it would have been awesome if they has this in the U.S too.
  6. Yeah I agree that they could have included all of the Sailor Guardians along with the Sailor Starlights so that way it would look a lot nicer. Maybe for the 2nd part of the 5th season they might do that.
  7. The cover for the Sailor Moon Stars DVD and Blu-ray looks very beautiful! I can't wait for this season to come out and I am really looking forward to watching Sailor Moon Stars dubbed for the first time too! 😃
  8. I vote for Nephrite because he's awesome.
  9. I vote for Berthier because she's my favorite Ayakashi Sister and she is a very amazing character too.
  10. Sakuranbo

    Amazon trio

    I vote for Tiger's Eye because he's my favorite Amazon Trio member and he's the most interesting one too.
  11. I vote for the Inners because they are my favorites.
  12. Hi SailorVenus and thank you very much for welcoming me to the forum!
  13. Thank you very much for welcoming me Zero and I am looking forward to meeting you too! I will definitely enjoying my time being on here!
  14. Sailor Mars because she's awesome!