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    Prefer not to say.
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    My interests are reading, writing, and shopping.
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  1. Hi SailorVenus and thank you very much for welcoming me to the forum!
  2. Thank you very much for welcoming me Zero and I am looking forward to meeting you too! I will definitely enjoying my time being on here!
  3. Sailor Mars because she's awesome!
  4. I pick Mistress 9 because she's my favorite villain.
  5. Death Busters because they are a very amazing villain group and they are my favorite group too.
  6. Mistress 9 because she is a very dark and mysterious villain.
  7. Hi everybody! I am Sakuranbo and I'm new to Club Sailor Moon. I have been a Sailor Moon fan for a very long time and Sailor Moon is one of my all time favorite anime and manga series too. My favorite character is Rei Hino/Sailor Mars because she is a very amazing character and I can relate to her too. I am really looking forward to meeting new people on here and to talk to everyone too.