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  1. So I'll try to do the temperature thing now. It'll just be a simple enter the temp in Fahrenheit and then get it out in Celsius stuff in C. If anybody wants that programm I can sent it to them over email
  2. Well...uh...the PDF thing sounds complicated ...But..I'll could try the temperature thing. Just need to find a formula for that
  3. Well ad the title says I need help with program's, kinda, well I am mainly asking for ideas for program's. So the conditons are that they have to be simple. So they should easily be doable by ..Well me, and I'm just beginning to learn programming, mainly in C...and then we'll they should be able to do as Console program's and then ...Well they should be compatible with the so called Eva principle so E = Eingabe / input V = Verarbeitung/ where things get calculated and stuff A = ausgabe / Output They can however involve If, else and While loops. So I'm mainly asking for ideas here. Since the exercises out teacher gives us are to hard for me ..and I can't thing of stuff my own. I will share the finished program with you tho ...So I hope you'll give me good ideas and thank you.
  4. I didn't upgrade, it died. So I was forces to upgrade ...sounds stupid but I loved that thing
  5. well....I´m here now, again and i´ll try my best to come on and create stuff for the site, maybe even try to code up stuff. if i get to learning the languages needed for that.
  6. Nicoyazawa2

    T.V Shows

    Well if i may give my two cents to this. I watch/watched Sailor moon, Hilda ( thats a netflix show), Gravity Falls ( loved it), Adventure Time ( Pls dont spoil the ending), Sherlock ( awesome show, loved the ending tho i hope there will be a 5th season), Brooklyn Nine Nine ( in love with that show), and..... Walking dead tho i dont really watch that anymore. I hope my spelling and grammar are ( excuse that gag) ACCCCEPTIBEL ( had to do it) anyway my laptop just told me its dying so....im done now
  7. Hi there im back, I really missed you guys and i´ll try to be more active now, which is gonna be difficult since my schedule is sooooooo long. anyway you may remember me as sailormoon3210 or sailorchibimoon....or Nico Yazawa, i was the guy with the Powerbook G4, yes that guy. well now i am back with an HP Envy 360x laptop and i´ll be as active as possibe. maybe even get back into writing Oc´s. sad that my old ones are gone. Im learning to code C/C# in school so if anyone has knowledge with that i´ll welcome the help. So i´m done introducing myself now. have a wonderfull day
  8. IM BACK YES it's me Nico Yazawa the greatest idol to ever bless this wonderfully world. Now but seriously I'm back

    1. Nebula-Knight


      Welcome back. Things are quiet here. Hope they pick up though.


    2. Nicoyazawa2


      Oh ahh Yea I hope so tooo