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  1. The usual really. - loose weight - make up with a friend
  2. Wow. What can't angelina jolie do? Perhaps if her hair was longer.. It be great.
  3. I did a all nighter on Christmas Eve which meant I didn't go to sleep. I got - handbag - jewellery ( warren james necklace and a pandora bracelet ) - a iPhone 6 - boots with heels - sweets and chocolate. SKITTLES! - twenty pounds and I don't know how much that is in dollars - some flats - some slippers - pink headphones - a couple of dresses - Mac makeup - bath stuff - a couple of tops Nothing anime related though.
  4. Well my friends are dressing up as ' dead school girls' and I'm unsure whether to join them on that. But we will be having a sleepover and watching movies and eating sweets even when I told myself in going on a bloody diet.
  5. I saw a YouTuber play this game! Looks fun.
  6. Loved it! That kiss between Usagi and Mamoru! Also that smexy kunzite!
  7. Sophia~


    I don't go on forums often. Me and katelyn used to go on our world forums.
  8. Username: because I'm unoriginal with names and my nickname is Sophia. Avatar: because she is my new favourite character, her name is yuki yunna! Sig: I love another which is the anime.
  9. I would rather have Luna as a pet. Would you rather be sailor moon or wedding peach?
  10. I have a 3ds and that would be a great thing to happen. But i feel it's very unlikely to happen.
  11. Sophia~

    Hi! =D

    Hello there! And I checked out the link D:
  12. Omgosh I'm so terrible at drawing and I'm so jelly of your drawing abilities.
  13. Omg Naomi is soo cute! But poor Naomi being an experiment. Good job sun.
  14. - bump - I'm watching a anime called another. But it's like corpse party especially with the opening. I going to start chevalier d'eon. I watched about 18 episodes of mirai nikki. Can anyone recommend any other horror/gory anime?