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  1. I'm a SM fan from Egypt, I was introduced to the show through the Italian dub on my satellite dish back when the dish started hitting Egyptian households, didn't understand what they were saying but i still enjoyed it and understood the general idea of the series. I got to watch both English dub and then the original Japanese thanks to the internet. Unfortunately, Sailor Moon never aired on Arabic speaking networks despite it being well known among the Arab speaking Anime fandom, I believe if it was made in the 70s or 80s maybe it would have gotten airtime due to Arabic censors having less restrictions back then (though they would've still censored out any gay/lesbian references) but starting with the 90s anime started getting snatched by distributors from the Gulf especially Venus aka Zahra who own Space Toon, which was the Arab world's first major answer to Cartoon Network and Nickalodean, the problem is that Venus are basically the Arabic equivalent of 4Kids. Though they don't censor out the violence like 4Kids did, they censor scenes that would be considered indecent for young viewers that was once considered ok to show before they took over such as kiss scenes, mini skirts and even scenes featuring pigs. Though now we got more alternatives that are less extreme than Venus still no luck getting a Sailor Moon Arabic dub.