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    I love ChibiChibi and going on hunts with Sailor Moon. I also like resurrecting and reincarnating people! Thats my fun. ???? Also for favourite scout I would've put ChibiChibi. Sailor Moon is my BFF though. ????
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    Sailor Star Fighter
  1. How do you becomean administrator
  2. ????❤️????????☺️????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  3. Omg so just in case Seiya ever steals your brownie pan, here are some tips. 1: Don't tell him. He will just not admit it. He will say "I deny that!" or something stupid. 2: Track him. You might look like a stalker. So dress like his mom, in a green tank top and purple jorts. ???????????? 3: While he is asleep, wake him up and tell him his mom needs him outside. 4: Call Sailor Moon. She will help. 5: While he is looking for his "mom", steal him brownie pan. 6: This step is un-useful. You're done! Thank you for wasting your life on this! Comment and like and do whatever to me that is nice and I will post pix if ChibiChibi! Bye! ❤️
  4. Hello I am Sailor Princess Kakyu. ❤️ChibiChibi❤️ I love you guys. Keep posting! Follow me for gret pics of me and ChibiChibi! Luv Ya! ❤️