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  1. Black Moon Clan FTW! Mainly because i obsess over Demande a lot
  2. Me: *sits on computer watching anime* Parents: Yeah she's into Japanese stuff that's fine we totally support her interests They're just fine with me sitting on the computer all day.......
  3. Hello! and Welcome to Club Sailor Moon forums!
  4. I've watched all the episodes so far and i love it! I don't see it as a Sailor Moon rip off at all. And it's not like it's the first show that has been inspired off Sailor Moon. W.I.T.C.H and Winx Club already did that
  5. Very good chapter. I don't have many notes but i'll go through some stuff anyway: Saphir's appearance Rubeus/Koan becoming a thing The Tsukino's being Rini's slaves is kind of creepy. I wonder what Neo Queen Serenity would have to say about that? -Mulan Out
  6. I loved this episode! The animation was great. This act has always been my favourite so i was flipping out when the episode premiered
  7. This chapter really tugged at the heartstrings. Good job SMF! Thank you for eliminating that scene where Koan almost blows her cover. It was kinda out of place in the original series. Also, kudo's to not having Chibiusa sticking her tongue out at Usagi! The gems thing with the droids reminds me of how the Shitennou were handled in the manga. Are any of them gonna come back in later chapters? AND YOU GOT RID OF THAT SCENE WHERE THAT JERK RUBEUS DUPES KOAN THANK YOU Also, a minor note: How Koan called Chibiusa a munchkin, you may not know this but in Parallel Sailor Moon, Kousagi Tsukino's nickname was "Munchkin-chan" (in the Tokyopop version anyway). Even though it was probably un-intentional, i always love little nods to Parallel Sailor Moon
  8. Pretty good chapter. I loved the use of Hypnotica and Chibiusa going to try and an explanation out of Mamoru. I also agree with Chibs opinion on Sleeping Beauty. The live action version was better Curiousity: Are Mamoru and Usagi back together already? If that's so, how is the promise ring episode adaption going to go down?
  9. Let's see.....AMAZING CHAPTER! The battle royale was perfectly written Chibiusa telling Usagi useful information was interesting. Is she going to be more open to Usagi and the others in future chapters? And her begging for the crystal made me want to hug her. Poor poor Chibs Thank you for having Usagi accompany Chibiusa. In the anime it seemed like the Tsukino's didn't care what happened to Chibiusa as she ran off all the time And it seems she already knows very well who Sailor Moon really is. And finally....Prince Demande appears YES YES YES YES Also, they manage to figure out that NQS and SM are one and the same. Nice
  10. Another amazing chapter! May i just say that there are so many feels in just that first paragraph. I love the friendship between Berthier, Frostie and Droido. Grandpa Hino is hilarious You gave a nice explanation on why Chibs had enrolled in school Adding Ikuko in the shopping scene was a neat little idea, as it always bugged me how Usagi's parents just disappeared from the episode And Mamoru wasn't as cold towards Usagi. Good stuff! Mulan out!
  11. Just arrived in the mail today! And it looks so awesome!
  12. Very interesting take on an episode that is easily forgotten. Let me start of with the pros: .I LOVE that Saphir/Petz hint. .Pluto talking to Rini was cute .Rini getting splashed by the hose was downright hilarious, and it was a nice way to include Mr Baxter .The Sisters reaction to Serena drinking the potion. I always found it weird that they didn't care in the original episode .Avacado getting captured. Didn't see that coming .Rini being nice at the end No cons apart from Serena locking Rini in a cabinet. Even though it was for her safety who does that to a kid?
  13. i like to think she'd be a fashion designer or a mangaka
  14. I could really relate to Mako this episode as i was coughing throughout the entire thing But what is up with the Moon Stick in MPH? And Rubeus kinda appeared out of nowhere Why Toei why
  15. Pretty good chapter. The episode this chapter is based off is an episode that is easily forgettable as it's only purpose is filler but your adaption of it makes it enjoyable to read. Seriously, i can't wait for your take on the Sisters reformation. It's no doubt going to be awesome Also, sister catfights with only Berthier, Droido and Frosty immune. Is that because of Wiseman or do they just not like conflict?
  16. i relate to Usagi the most, since i'm a chronic goofball and constantly fangirling, but at times i act a lot like Hotaru.
  17. Yes! I love it how you are portraying the Black Moon Clan. Making them believe that their actions are justified makes them so much more real and believable. Sure Toei sort of did that in the original anime but here you have made them actually human. I never thought this could happen, but somehow, characters who were amazing in the first place just got even more amazing. I know i keep bringing up the Rini issue, but i just want to say this: i not only hate Rini because she constantly spews annoying lines at Serena, but because she reminds me of how i was when i was 8, and that was a terrible part of my life. Rubeus is not a jerk in this version....wow
  18. I think it's the best SMC episode to date. I loved Chibiusa and the Black Moon Clan But they killed Koan I guess it's better than her living and getting the Shitennou treatment
  19. Age: 9 Birthday: July 5th Gender: Female Status: Crown Princess of Crystal Tokyo Family: Queen Usagi Lady Serenity (mother) King Helios (father) Princess Serafina Serenity (younger sister) Duchess Kousagi (aunt) Personality: Serena is a quiet child who prefers to be on her own, reading or playing video games. She has one true friend, Emily Tomoe (Hotaru's daughter) and whenever their together it seems like they're the only two people in the universe. Favourite Colour: Red Favourite food: Red Velvet Cheesecake Likes: Reading, being alone Dislikes: Party's and any social gathering Senshi name: Sailor Chibi Moon Sailor Crystal: The Scarlet Moon Crystal Henshin command: Moon Prism Power, Make-Up!
  20. What are your favourite ships? i already mentioned 3 of mine in another thread but here: Chibiusa/Helios Minako/Kunzite Ami/Urawa Saphir/Petz Kunzite/Zoisite Minako/Ace Saphir/Setsuna Usagi/Demande (Suffer in the name of the moon!)