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  1. My family is just the same. My grandma and aunt think, I'm a child even if I only speak of anime or manga.
  2. Woah, I must say, not bad at all. ^^
  3. Yeah, I totally agree. Yays for Zoisite & Kunzite.
  4. Yeah, I liked to see them too. And the episode was alright too so I was pleased.
  5. Sailor Jupiter You are tough and non-nonsense type of girl who loves to fight, and people often misunderstand you because of that. However, you are actually very kind and caring, and secretly even have feminine hobbies such as cooking, decorating house and tending to flowers. You control the element of thunder.
  6. Hmm... Who knows. I think whatever it would be, she'd just do it with everything she's got.
  7. you can watch them on youtube or any other website. I watched Kiddy Grade on TV chanal animax and Kiddy girl and pure on youtube. Or try kissanime.com which is where I also watch Sailor moon crystal.
  8. I am through Kiddy Grade. And I onnly will tell you that it is a great anime. I also watched Kiddy girl and pure