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  1. Well what can I say.. -I feel like everything seems so rushed in this episode. -I just need more, more and more! -love the memories scene between the 4 kings with the sailors . (Im not even remember that they used to love each other in original anime) -the part when Beryls want to wake tuxedo mask up and brainwash him was so creepy and eewwwww. -the worse part is 2 weeks waiting game again. Gahh..
  2. Yeah, Prince Diamond is the one i mean. I just googling him and guess what? I think he is a real hottie. *melted*. I just remember the part when he did hypnotised sailor moon and try to kiss her... auwwhh... definitely gonna watch all of sailor moon episodes again to fresh up my childhood memories. Im totally forgot about Seiya character in this anime, but he is also a hottie! Thanks everyone for the info.
  3. Hi everyone, It was a very long time ago I did watch original Sailor moon. After watched the new remake sailor moon crystal, I feel like I must rewatch all the original sailor moon again. But still need to find some time to do so. Just want to ask u guys, 1-who else in the anime was in love with usagi besides mamoru? Because if im not wrong there is one 'bad' guy also love usagi and somehow kidnapping her. Can u give the name and in which episode/season was that? 2-can you recall some super romantic moment between Usagi and Mamoru? In which episodes? Thank you.