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  1. What age you started watching Sailor Moon? : Grew up on a mix of the German and English dubs, rewatch in Japanese started in 2013. Favorite character when you were younger?: Sailor Moon Favorite character recently?: Helios! Best friendship?: Rei and Usagi break my heart in a great way. Best couple?: For me it's a tie with Usagi and Mamo, Helios and Chibiusa, Zoisite and Kunzite, and Michiru and Haruka. Couple you wished existed?: Ami and Makoto Prettiest/most handsome character: Helios Favorite villain: Fisheye Least favorite villain: Wiseman Character you wish was a Senshi?: Helios because why not. Favorite Outer Senshi (and why): Uranus, she's just such a strong character role model for girls. Favorite Inner Senshi? (and why)- If not Usagi, it's Jupiter. She's so strong and breaks the mold. Best dressed Scout?- Chibimoon not gonna lie Best Outer Senshi attack?- World shaking! Best Inner Senshi attack? - Jupiter Oak Evolution Favorite attack overall (villains included): Moon Gorgeous Meditation Manga or anime?- I love both! Sailor Moon episodes subbed or dubbed?- Subbed Worst dressed Scout?-....Mamoru isn't a scout but his wardrobe is so offensive he qualifies Sailor Moon moment that upsets you?- Usagi's screams when her friends, Chibiusa, and Mamoru die are why I cry at night Sailor Moon moment that makes you happy?: That little scene where we see Endymion comforting teeny tiny baby Chibiusa. Favorite Moon cat?- Diana! Senshi or Starlights?- Senshi 5ever Dark kingdom, Black Moon Clan, Death Busters, Dead Moon Circus, or Shadow Galactica?: Dead Moon Circus!
  2. I'd definitely be from Sailor Moon...! I can't decide who, but I'd probably be Sailor Moon or Chibiusa
  3. I'm absolutely head over heels for Frozen, but I'm pretty sure I'm still married to Peter Pan.
  4. seramun


    I cosplay! I don't post pics on dA, but a lot are on my Instagram (@actualsailormoon) and my tumblr (mamiisan- tagged cosplay)! I currently cosplay Sailor Moon and Princess Serenity, but I'm not sure which Sailor Moon character to tackle next.
  5. I am also on tumblr! I cannot follow you ATM because of restrictive wifi, but my URL is mamiisan
  6. seramun


    Hello everyone, I am new. I am seramun/Wiz, and I am happy to meet you! I am a cosplayer and student from the United States, and I originally watched the German and English dubs of the 90s anime, only very recently seeing it subtitled. I am very excited about the buzz of Sailor Moon Crystal! I speak English, Italian, and a bit of German. My favorite character is Helios, but my favorite Senshi are Moon, Chibimoon, and Jupiter!