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  1. i'll have to check out some of these shows mentioned here. this is a great resource for getting in to more anime. thanks for sharing
  2. i love this, i would totally consider getting a sleeve like this!
  3. i saw rumors that they were thinking of casting Megan Foxx as Sailor Moon but i don't think it's real and i don't really agree with that casting. so i wonder, what is everyone's ideal fancast for a live action Sailor Moon movie? mine would be... Sailor Moon: Emily Browning Sailor Mars: Amber Midthunder Sailor Venus: Emma Roberts Sailor Jupiter: Aly Michalka Sailor Mercury: Alexis Bledel Sailor Uranus: Rooney Mara Sailor Pluto: Omahyra Mota Sailor Neptune: Emma Watson Sailor Saturn: Elle Fanning Mini Moon: Chloe Grace Moretz Luna: Ellen Page Naru Chan: Rachel Hurd-Wood Umino: Michael Cera Tuxedo Mask: Toss-up between Liam Hemsworth and Colin O'Donoghue... I can't really pick a good Tuxedo Mask haha :s
  4. my friend showed me this and i thought it was interesting because i was thinking of doing a Berthier cosplay, maybe getting a group and doing a Spectre Sisters cosplay and i thought i could just use my Elsa wig!!
  5. princess_bunhead


    nice!!! sorry i've been off the forums for a while, i'm just getting over a cold u_u
  6. hmmm if i were a dude i would take out Mako-chan because she is so sweet and romantic and always looking for love everywhere. and i would take her to like a fancy restaurant or something that suits her interests and buy her lots of flowers since she loves flowers would you rather be smart like Ami or psychic like Rei?
  7. Michiru, i love the violin and she's a great character! would you rather go on a date with Motoki or Mamoru?
  8. hi there! i adore your avatar!!! welcome to the forums i hope you have fun!!!!
  9. definitely Queen Serenity ruling the Moon Kingdom! would you rather have Usagi or Rei as a sister? :Mars bow:
  10. Crystal Tokyo would you rather date a shitennou/senshi or be one?
  11. pumpkin spice cheesecake cookies!!! or girlscout thin mints would you rather have short, naturally blue hair like Ami or super long blonde hair like Usagi and Minako?