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  1. Are there any further details on this? I've found the below on Amazon, and it sounds like this will have new English voice acting? This breaks my heart, as i love the original English voices. http://www.amazon.com/Sailor-Moon-Season-Blu-ray-COMBO/dp/B00M0ETRHG/ref=lh_ni_t?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER And its only the first 23 episodes for $80? ouch!
  2. I thought tux mask kissing a sleeping sailor moon was a little creepy. i think it was supposed to be romantic, but to me it was creepy. The earlier part where they were dancing and usagi was all blushy over his touch on her hands was SUPER cute. And here's hoping if they ever dub to English, they don't cut out the umbrella part. In the original Eng dub, they reversed her falling over the railing and (very poorly) made it look like tux pulled her back up.
  3. Terri Hawkes was a phenomical voice for serena. she nailed it. Her replacement that started in the latter part of the negamoon series tried and did get somewhat better, but it just didnt hold a candle (maybe due to sentimentality) to the Terri Hawkes voice. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terri_Hawkes
  4. On a side note, when I was 14-15 first watching this show in the 90s, all the drama and romance seemed to make sense. now i'm 30+ and look back and am like "no way are they old enough for this stuff!" haha. like when I was 14-15, no way would my parents let me go to a guy's house who lived by himself!
  5. i dont know how to post an image in a reply. >.> but its from this pic: https://www.facebook.com/SailorMoonTradingCards/photos/a.776429775721947.1073741864.744584645573127/776429895721935/?type=3&theater
  6. I actually thought Zoicyte as a girl worked really well in the English dub. Not even for the romance bit of it, just the character was well played. She seemed like a vicious B****, and the storyline worked well with it. I've also seen the Japanese sub, and the character works well as a male too. As far as the relationship bit, they dont really show very much of zoicyte/malacite (at least in the Eng dub), so there isnt much to evaluate whether the romance bit worked. i think the romance between Neptune and Uranus works really well in the storyline. They have a conviction and dedication to their initial mission (pure hearts) that would really bring two people very close together, because they could only ever trust each other. They were both determined to do the right thing - take someone's heart- despite who it was or how innocent they were, for the greater good. That is a heck of a commitment to a cause, and you would really need to rely on someone close to you to help quell any conscience you had about having to hurt someone good for something far greater. So their closeness is key to supporting that conviction.
  7. Just for fun, some drawings i've made. I mainly just use colored pencils and I only draw for fun.
  8. Hello, i'm new to this forum! I have been in love with Sailor Moon since the mid-90s when i came across the show. I have a particular passion for the trading cards. I spent hours in Toys-R-Us pumping quarters into the card vending machines for the Cardzillion collection. I recently dusted my collection off from the closet and started SailorMoonTradingCard page on facebook and also have been buying, trading and selling to try and complete all of the Japanese and HK collections. I posted some info in the Merchant's forum, however am always interested in seeing people's lists of what they have for sale, and i have all my collection organized into an excel file, ready to send if you want to see what i need! <3
  9. I love pokemon too! then again, i have a special place in my heart for all anime that came over in the 90s, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, DBZ, etc. And while most have had a reboot or two, or continued offshoot stories, i have special sentimental feelings about the 90s shows!
  10. I am an avid Sailor Moon trading card buyer and seller! I have a whole host of items for sale on ecrater: http://zoisarah.ecrater.com/ as well as moderate the facebook page for Sailor Moon Trading Cards: https://www.facebook.com/SailorMoonTradingCards I have my list of wants, if you would like to see it to compare to your list of sales, i can email it, just PM.
  11. These are BANDAI SAILOR MOON JUMBO TRADING CARDS if you search for the above on ebay or ecrater, you may get some hits to bid on. good luck!