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  1. I actually make a lot of amvs, but I haven't finished one in like two years. What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9WLd0UEFkY
  2. Apparently it's destiny that I JUST barely got an Android phone! I'm so excited I'm gong to cry.
  3. Probably Dark Kingdom, because they have less back ups. Haha. Would you rather have met Sailor V or Sailor Venus first?
  4. I loved it. It was beautifully animated and followed the manga perfectly. The cliffhanger ended, exactly the same spot that chapter 8 did in the manga. So good job!
  5. I would have Artemis, I love male cats, and he's just so charming. Haha. Would you rather be an outer senshi, or an inner senshi?
  6. Aw, a story about Luna?! Dang, well now I HAVE to buy it. XD I don't know why I've delayed it for so long.
  7. I love the new voice actors, but since I've seen the old dub so often, it's hard to let go. Haha. I still hear some of their old ridiculous lines in my head during certain scenes. xD
  8. Cool! Thanks for the link. I like the phone cases and shirts a whole lot.
  9. I loved the episode. It was so beautifully animated and the art looked great. And we FINALLY got to see Sailor Venus, I can't even explain how excited I was. I like...almost...cried. I was so excited I was screaming. I didn't think I was going to scream. But oh man, I did. I couldn't help it. It was involuntary. I can't wait for the next episode. We finally get Sailor Venus! I'm super excited for her transformation.
  10. I loved the dub. I watched all twenty three episodes they had up in like three days. The only thing I didn't like is in the episode that they were at the anime studio and they just HAD to pronounce it Ah-Nee-May. It drove me insane. Haha. Otherwise I think all of the voices are fantastic. My favorites are Luna, Mamoru, Queen Beryl and Zoisite. Oh my gosh, Zoisite. Haha. It's so awesome.
  11. Sailor Moon Crystal anime. It's so pretty. Would you rather live in Crystal Tokyo or the old Moon Kingdom?
  12. I own the Sailor V and 1-12 of Sailor Moon. I keep meaning to buy the extra stories, but then I always don't. Haha. I want to buy the set of them in the fancy art boxes though...so I'll probably sell the ones I have when I do.
  13. Welcome to the forums! This place is very friendly, and I know you'll love it here. By the way, is your icon yourself?