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    Toledo, OH
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    I really love Sailor Moon and I'm a huge #1 Sailor Moon Fan in the world! My favorite character is Usagi Tsukino; because she's the main character and the most beautiful girl of them all!!!!!
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    Sailor Moon


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  1. Sailor Moon Sailor Stars is getting available for DVD/Blu-Ray in May 2019 this year?!?!?! I can't hardly wait to see it re-dubbed for the very first time to see sailor stars episodes and final season!!!!! Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie is getting available DVD/Blu-Ray in February 12, 2019 next month!!!!!!!! I Got The Rest of the DVDs of Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, Sailor Moon SuperS! I got the Soundtracks of Sailor Moon and Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts: LUNAROCK! I Have to collected of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Mangas, Sailor Moon Movies (VIZ Media)!!!!!!! I'm very happy looking forward to it see for my favorite show!!!!!
  2. Oh My God! I really really Love it!!!! That was amazing <3
  3. Welcome to the Forums, and enjoy the club!!! <3 :Sailor Moon 2:
  4. Laketa

    Hiya :)

    Hey there, Casey and it was nice to meet you! I'm Laketa and Welcome to forums!!! I really like Sailor Moon since I was 13 years old! I'm a huge fan of Sailor Moon!! You'll looking forward to it to get Sailor Moon DVD/Blu-Ray on November 11th, 2014!!! Anyway, it was nice to meet you and enjoy the forums of Sailor Moon Club!!!! <3 :Sailor Moon 2:
  5. :Sailor Moon 2: Yes! I got 100% for quiz Season One of Sailor Moon! I knew everything I watch!
  6. It was really great extended trailer ever!!! I would love to see it and might be a wonderful Sailor Moon Fan!!! <3
  7. :usagi:Nice to meet you!!!! <3 Welcome to Club Sailor Moon!!!! <3
  8. Hi Everyone, My name is Laketa Covington and I live in Toledo, OH! I'm 26 years old and I'll be 27 in August 21st!!! I have a black and white cat and his name is Sunlight!!! I really love that show since I was a teenager of 13 years old; especially the movies; too! I love Sailor Moon; because she's funny, sweet and brave scout, she's my favorite character!!!! My favorite couple is Usagi Tsukino and Mamoru Chiba; because they're happily eternal love for the past and the future!!!! I also have the books "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" Volume 1-12!!!! Especially, the book called "Codename: Sailor V" Volume 1-2!!!!! I'm a huge Sailor Moon Fan and I'm looking forward to it when it comes out for DVD and Blu-Ray for Fall 2014!!!! Sailor Moon Crystal is such a way cool than this and I have to look and check it out!!!! <3 It was nice meeting you, everyone and hope you'll looking forward to it to see "Sailor Moon Crystal" on July 5th, 2014 on Online like crunchyroll.com!!!! IN THE NAME OF THE MOON....I'LL PUNISH YOU! ~Sailor Moon Says~ :Sailor Moon 2:
  9. Hi there, Mist! My name is Laketa Covington and I'm from Toledo, OH! I'm a huge Sailor Moon fan when I was 12 or 13 years old and I started my favorite show in the world! Oh, I'm 26 years old and I'll be 27 on August 21st, 2014! Are you very excited about Sailor Moon Crystal?! I'm super excited to see that! It was very nice to meet you, Mist! Hope you'll enjoy the show on July 5th, 2014!!!! <3 :Sailor Moon 2:
  10. I can't wait the show until the next month of July 5th!!!! <3 Hope everything just like the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon book I read!!!! <3 It'll be AWESOME for the show!!!! <3
  11. Can't hardly wait to see this anime in the world!!!! <3 I would love to hear "Moon Pride" full song and it will be AWESOME!!!!! <3 I'm gonna scream all over and think about my favorite show!!!! Sailor Moon is the best sailor scout ever!!!! :Sailor Moon 2: