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  1. Rei's transformation was beautiful! However, I found the episode to be "meh". It's not unwatchable, it was just wasn't as enjoyable as it could have been. The characters aren't very personable and I really believe that hurts the anime. The scene between Mamoru and Usagi was pretty darn cute though.
  2. I didn't really specify that I was talking about the original anime so I can't blame anyone for counting it in. It's fourth for me!
  3. I can't believe I forgot Crystal! I actually like it more than Stars so far. The CGI really makes no sense unless the entire anime was CGI. I dislike the difference in animation, but that's just me personally.
  4. My preference: R S First season SuperS Stars I love them all but I find R to be one of the most important to the story. SuperS and Stars always get switched around but I found SuperS to be more enjoyable because of its humor, whereas Stars didn't do all that much for me. What's your list?
  5. Welcome to the forum! Nephrite is a really awesome character.
  6. Thank you for saying this! I appreciate the news reporting the fighting, but there is so much blaming upon leaders and hardly any solutions have come about. It's very distressing. The cease-fires won't solve anything and it's really heartbreaking to know that. If only there was a way to stop the fight.
  7. What age you started watching Sailor Moon? : I watched while growing up, but I began rewatching within the last year. Favorite character when you were younger?: I liked Sailor Mars a lot, but now I'm not too fond of her. Jupiter was probably my most favorite though! I can't really remember. Favorite character recently?: Sailor Moon! Best friendship?: Minako & Usagi. Best couple?: Usagi & Mamoru. Couple you wished existed?: Minako & Usagi! Prettiest/most handsome character: Koan Favorite villain: Eudial Least favorite villain- Nehelenia Character you wish was a Senshi? - Umino, just for the giggles. Favorite Outer Senshi (and why)- Saturn, beautiful story with a beautiful personality to match. Favorite Inner Senshi? (and why)- Other than Sailor Moon? Venus, definitely. Best dressed Scout?- Jupiter pretty flawless Best Outer Senshi attack?- Dead Scream by Sailor Pluto Best Inner Senshi attack? - Aqua Rhapsody Favorite attack overall (villains included): Moon Princess Halation Manga or anime?- Manga had a better story overall, but I personally like animated shows better Sailor Moon episodes subbed or dubbed?- Subbed Worst dressed Scout?- Mars Sailor Moon moment that upsets you?- The ending of Season 4. Horribly pointless. Also, when Fish Eye kissed Mamoru while he was unconscious. That isn't okay with me. Sailor Moon moment that makes you happy?- When Mamoru came back to Usagi in Season 5! /sniffles/ Favorite Moon cat?- Diana was hilarious Senshi or Starlights?- Senshi for life Dark kingdom, Black Moon Clan, Death Busters, Dead Moon Circus, or Shadow Galactica?: Black Moon Clan. Ayakashi Sisters > everyone
  8. Welcome to the forum! I hope you have fun here!
  9. That's awesome! I love this season. I agree, I like the original series better but this particular season is awesome. I haven't seen any of those. ): I couldn't get through the first five minutes of the Avatar film. I hate to be so disrespectful but I knew I wouldn't enjoy it. I might actually give it a go one of these days.
  10. I didn't know you were a fan omg!!!! Same! I have the weirdest feeling that they're not really Airbenders, like something got screwed up. I'm so excited for them though!
  11. Do you enjoy the film? I personally couldn't get through it.
  12. Is anyone here into the Avatar series? I adore the Legend of Korra. Book 3 is absolutely phenomenal. I'm shocked by how well-executed it is, as the last season was very underwhelming and the characters didn't seem to develop much, whereas I find nearly all of the characters do in this season. What's wonderful is that there are so many stories going on and they tie in beautifully with the story. There is some filler but I find it to be so enjoyable that I actually anticipate the actual plot even more. My personal opinion is that the first season rushed through, the second tried to tell so much back story that it was difficult for me to even feel much of anything for the modern time, but the third season finds an excellent balance. What do you all think?