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  1. Which one do you like better?
  2. I miss the funny minako i don't like her when she is this serious
  3. Overall this episode was okay but the next episode is going to be good
  4. Tuxedo Mask <3 he is sooooo nice in here Big time, she doesn't sit on her throne all day
  5. I still have to watch it ill let you know how it is
  6. Actually it isn't illegal to use a VPN service (hola is vpn) so it is pretty much legal to use it. If it didn't work for you you can try other browsers, it works on I.E,Firefox and few others check their website out.
  7. Okay so i was wondering did Jadeite teleport or did he get killed by Mars?
  8. Wow Usagi loves Rei I like how it moves fast, we already see that Tuxedo Kamen knows there is something about Usagi