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    Your Opinion

    Oh yeah, this mickey mouse makes me lol everytime I see it. Not sure if it can be changed?
  2. I see. Thanks for letting me know! It's okay! I've never tried roleplaying before but maybe I'll start here!
  3. Of course you can! We can fight gravity in the name of love via loop de loops! There should be a mini moonie gathering somewhere where all us fans can meet/hang out with eachother. I think it'd be super fun! Thank you! I will! I've only driven through Iowa, sadly.. lol can't believe I missed Adventure Land :Artemis Mad:
  4. BunnyBite

    Your Opinion

    I like these forums alot, EXCEPT i'm a little blind and it's hard for me to see what i'm typing when i'm making a post in the reply box. The light grey font against white is killing me :Luna 2:
  5. BunnyBite

    Anime Identity

    Chibi Neko? :Artemis Happy: I love it :Luna Happy:
  6. so swear words ARE allowed here? I'm sorry I'm new and just joined and have been reading rules for everything and... this is confusing to me. Where are mild swear words allowed and where are they not? I just don't want to get banned for cussing . :Rini Crying:
  7. Hello! I'm so glad that i've stumbled across this awesome messageboard! Like everyone else here, I LOVE SAILOR MOON!! Here's a bit about me: I'm 21 years old. I own 3 black cats (Spooky, Boogie/Boogeyman & JuJu) I enjoy tarot reading and tightlacing.. my favorite season is fall and my favorite colors are dark blue, peachy-pink & turquoise. My favorite Sailor Scouts are Mars & Jupiter... and of course Sailor Moon & ChibiUsa (Rini has always been my most favorite) I live with my boyfriend who i've been with for almost 4 years and he does a pretty good impersonation of Molly from the English dub. It makes me laugh everytime. I love spicy fried chicken and white tuna rolls with cream cheese (but not together). Not really into alcohol, but when I have a drink.. it's usually a glass of moscato. I love amusement parks... I've been to six flags in Georgia and Texas, all theme parks at disneyworld, disneyland, seaworld/universal studios/ripley's believe it or not in Cali and Florida, kings island, cedar point, bush gardens & the knott's berry farm plus more! I think mustard and mayonnaise are super gross and if I took just a lick of either one i'd end up puking everywhere. I also don't really like artificially flavored things that taste like bananas or pineapples (although I really like the actual fruits). If you'd like to know more about me, please don't hesitate to ask! :Luna Happy: