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  1. Tomorrow morning at 5am you can watch Ayaka Komatsu, who played Sailor Venus in the live action Sailor Moon series, host a live Halloween show on her Niconico channel Komachannel. Ayaka will be dressed up for Halloween. What costume will she be wearing? The broadcast begins at 6pm Japan Standard time which is actually 5am Eastern Time. The live broadcast will be free to all viewers however after 7pm (6am Easter Time) it will only be available to members of her channel who pay the monthly 540 yen (about $5 US). The broadcast will be in Japanese. The following message was posted in English to Ayaka Komatsu’s Facebook page:
  2. You are so acustomed to the old voice actors, it is hard to let go and move on
  3. The umbrella Usagi and Makoto were using were the same ones as the one in the opening.
  4. It's going to be a while till we see Jupiter sadly
  5. it was so awesome to see the other Kings YAY ZOI!!! I thought he got killed because didn't he get killed by Mars in the Manga?
  6. Sad, all these people are dying and the news channels are showing the wrong things
  7. This is freaking amazing kodos to people that made lt
  8. I like it but towards the end it does not work
  9. What do you think about Queen Beryl's new look?
  10. How is the 2 weeks wait for you guys?
  11. Okay Tuxedo mask was sexy!! and Naru looked pretty hot and the characters were amazing!!