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  1. Welcome hope you like your stay
  2. :Sailor Moon 2: :Mercury Rapshody:
  3. Welcome and i dunno you got to be here for a while do things but I think you would have to be a mod first but you got to ask Elise
  4. Welcome to ClubSailorMoon Sailor Jupiter
  5. Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal Original Soundtrack Scans: 1, 2, 3 [DISC 1] Prelude: The Legend 1.) Prelude: Legend of the Moon Make Up! 2.) Moon Prism Power Make Up 3.) Star Power Make Up 4.) In The Name of the Moon, I’ll Punish You! Opening Theme 5.) MOON PRIDE (TV Size) Tuxedo Romance 6.) Tuxedo Mask 7.) Mamoru’s Theme Sign of Phantom 8.) Shadows Lurking in the Darkness 9.) The Beginning of Strange Occurrences Pretty Guardians 10.) Sailor Moon’s Theme 11.) Sailor Mercury’s Theme 12.) Sailor Mars's Theme 13.) Sailor Jupiter's Theme 14.) Sailor Venus's Theme Girls’ Holiday 15.) In Bright Sunlight 16.) Awakening Hasn’t Happened Yet 17.) I’m clumsy but that’s OK 18.) Everyday is a Wonderland The Ordeal of Love 19.) The Mask of Darkness 20.) A Conflicted Heart 21.) The Deep Abyss of Sorrow 22.) Love Happens Again The Battle 23.) Attack 24.) Attack of Darkness 25.) Moon Healing Escalation! 26.) Sailor Guardians of Love and Justice Friendship 27.) Ties with Loved Ones 28.) Irreplaceable Friendship 29.) Moments of Peace Intermission 30.) Sailor V Game [DISC 2] Pretty Girls 1.) Usagi's Theme 2.) Ami's Theme 3.) Rei's Theme 4.) Makoto's Theme 5.) Minako's Theme Little Moon 6.) Chibiusa's Theme 7.) Dazzling World 8.) A Dreamy Waltz The Return of Phantom 9.) Darkness for Eternity 10.) Anxiety and Impatience 11.) Tragic Battle Sad Black Lady 12.) Black Lady 13.) Quiet Sorrow 14.) Anger Unleashed Through the Gate of Time 15.) Door of Time 16.) Sailor Chibi Moon’s Theme Determination 17.) Omen of Catastrophe 18.) A Prayer to the Moon 19.) A Determined Heart The Final Battle 20.) The Final Battle The Miracle of Love 21.) Love’s Theme Finale: To the Future 22.) Like a Soft Breeze 23.) A Story That Will Continue Into Tomorrow Ending Theme 24.) Moonbow (TV Size) Number of Discs: 2 Total Tracks: 54 Music by: Yasuharu Takanashi, MOON PRIDE by Revo, & Moonbow by Akiko Kosaka Label/Distributor: King Records Available through: CD-Japan, YesAsia,