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  1. The code name Sailor V one is very good considering it is fan made.
  2. OMG! Dinosaur! (Internet Meme attack of my own.)
  3. I think these are just a straight from Japanese translation, but some people will write their own interpretation of the lyrics into English with the whole English rhyming scheme for example: Japanese: Gomen ne sunao ja nakute Yume no naka nara ieru English Translation: I'm sorry I'm not honest I can say that in my dreams My own adaptation: I can say I'm sorry in my dreams That's where I'm honest it seems ... or something like that... hahaha *sweatdrop* (We need a sweatdrop emotion, we serisouly do...)
  4. Switches from Japanese to English... She should just pick one language. Also... Her voice is good, but... the vocal track is too loud for the music, and at parts she is too nasly so.... I still like original JP version better.
  5. Yes, and I would've read your volume 2 too, but I didn't get you that, someone else did. Why I do this? because you don't let me read ANY of your SM manga at all! Y U NO LET ME READ?! lol ^^
  6. Then again, I could be wrong, since I've only read volume 1, and everything else I found online.
  7. Actually, there are in fact 3 volumes of Codename: Sailor V, however for us English speakers, the American publishers have only ever translated the first two volumes into English, therefore, we are missing out on some of the storyline. And I have to tell you, it's a gooooood ending. Ummm... you MAY be able to find the last volume of Codename: Sailor V on a manga reading site like mangahere.com, but I'm not sure as I have never gone out of my way to find it. It should be translated into English if you find it there. If not, just go to Wikipedia for the full storyline, which I so nicely, will not give away.
  8. Usually... I like horror, and normally... I would play this game except for the fact... THAT THIS IS TOO SCARY FOR ME!!!!! >v< Yes, I have researched the game, as I do with everything, cuz spoilers don't bother me at all, and I do not like surprises. If I find that something is not worth seeing, then I won't see it (Take Dark Shadows for instance, heard it was horrible, researched it, yup, horrible, no watchy) And yes, it is the jump scares that scare me the most, I really hate those things. I'm also terrified of the Animatornics coming to life, because when I was little and was at Choo- choo Charlies (Canadian version of Chuck E. Cheeses), I really did think those things were gonna come to life, so I never went near them. Just the thought of this game, I am embarrassed tp say, has given me nightmares for weeks, where I will not go to bed until it is light out. Anyways, do have to give kudos to the guy who made this game, seeing as he made it to prove a point and it made him lots and lots of money probably. Good for him.
  9. Original is better because the vocals fit with the music more. I think that in the new version, the vocals are too soft and sweet for the music, which is much louder and does not go with the song at all.
  10. I kind of want to make a Club Sailor Moon manga with all your awesome OC's in it, just because I'm bored and it sounded like fun. So, anyone who wants to have their OC or someone's OC featured, here are the rules: 1. MUST be your OC. If you want someone else's OC, please have their permission and have them let me know. 2. Include link to your OC profile. This HAS to have what the characters look like so I can draw them. 3. If possible, include how they act with other OC's please. 4. Submit storylines. These should be short comics consisting of about 1- 10 pages or so when drawn out. They SHOULD NOT be full storylines, and try to make them as light hearted as possible. 5. NO ORIGINAL SAILOR MOON CHARACTERS ALLOWED!!! Unless they are briefly mentioned or drawn, however they can not be a part of the series, as this manga is to showcase Club Sailor Moon, not the Sailor Moon series. 6. Two ways of entering... either reply to the thread or PM. I prefer PM for story submissions though. Hope you have fun with this. BTW, not sure when I will finish all comics, but they will get done eventually and will be posted on a new Deviant art account I will make just for this. Below is a list of all participating OC and their creators. Masayuki Kagami- CassyHattori63 Justin Ved- Nebula-Knight
  11. Well, she only "Thinks" she is Princess Serenity right now, so as a "Princess", she would have to act serious. I believe after this is all over, and Usagi is revealed to be the real princess, that Minako will start to act like her old self.
  12. I would love to scare little children too, also I would love to go Trick or Treating, but my mum and dad said no. So instead, I am going to put on my cat ears, buy lots of candy for me and me only, and watch the original 70's version of the Omen so I can see my sweet, sweet Damien and his even sweeter puppy.
  13. Name: Sailor Moon Identity Quiz Take 2! Category: Sailor Moon Anime Description: This is silimair to Zero's quiz, but it's with the Japanese names instead. Hope you enjoy! ^^ Click here to take this quiz! NOTE: Sailor Jupiter's real name is actually spelt wrong. I wasn't watching what I was doing on the keyboard, also I don't know how to edit the quiz. Also, there are 3 trick questions. Good luck! ^^
  14. They have the whole set at Chapters. They were there when you bought the short stories! I guess, I have to get them for you for chrisymas maybe...