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  1. I done a dangerous thing yesterday by going on Ebay and typing 'Sailor Moon'. I WANT EVERYTHING! And as for the new Zero figurines that come out in a few months... wow is all I can say about them! Yes Bandai, we love and hate you in equal measure....
  2. Starlus

    Hi All!

    Thanks for the warm welcome peoples ~Starlus
  3. I really like this one, I came across it a few weeks ago when I was trawling deviantart looking for good potential wallpapers. My drawing skills are still in the realms of stick men, I'm constantly amazed at just how good some of the artists on that site are! ~Starlus
  4. It's pretty cool but it IS still a pen. A really pink, slightly oversized, um, pink pen. For that money I'd actually expect it to turn me into a sporty looking photographer, or something... Ah, I could never write with those big pens anyway. ~Starlus
  5. I prefer the Japanese version, although I do like the guitar riff that appears near the end of the English one. Especially in SuperS where it's timed perfectly with Chibiusa spinning around to summon Helios, it looks pretty cool. Well I remember it that way, I haven't actually seen SuperS in a while..... ~Starlus
  6. I think Usagi and Mamoru. He managed to get away with calling her dumpling/meatball head for years and they're still together. It could only have been true love ~Starlus
  7. Doesn't really bother me and to be honest, I think it looks a little silly in the dub where 'cousins' walk about holding hands and get the same music and roses over the screen as Usagi and Mamoru do when they have their moments. They copped out as well with Zoicite/Kunzite by making Zoicite female so they didn't need to worry about such things. I think it also gets forgotten that Fisheye got the same treatment in the English dub, 'he looks and dresses female so we better make him one'. Of course this looks a bit dubious when we see him topless and omg! There's nothing there. Political correctness eh? ~Starlus
  8. So I was thinking that everybody probably has a favourite Sailor Moon song (or songs) and could maybe tell what they are? There can't be many anime's that have such a rich soundtrack ( there's been HOW many albums?!) and personally I could listen to it all day. Well, I sort of do. My top one has to be Ai no Senshi (which thankfully was still in the English dub from season 3). If you ever wanted to get something done, whack that song on and it's as good as sorted! So long as you can do it inside 4 minutes anyway. I also love Kaze mo Sora mo Kitto and I think it was a perfect ending theme for Sailor Stars. Danger! Sometimes emotions can happen when this song plays! The other one I really like is Kirari Sailor Dream from Pretty Guardian's opening. I haven't watched the show in years but dammit I still know all the words to this song. Can't remember what they all mean but I can sing along like a champ. Anybody else have stick-out favourites from the original or dub? ~Starlus
  9. I have to say Death Busters. Not even just because of Kaorinite and her flowing auburn locks. Naah, it was Tomoe's maniacal laughter that sold it for me. Mwahahahahahahaha...... ~Starlus
  10. I think like any anime you really need to watch the original to appreciate it. Plus I've learned more Japanese from watching subbed anime than I ever did from books. Of course that might not be the case if I actually read the books.... ~Starlus
  11. My fav season has always been Sailor Moon S, hands down. Not only does it completely change direction halfway through (looking for the talismans to finding the sovereign of silence) but the end of the series is really riveting even by Sailor Moon series-end standards. Love the bits when Hotaru gets naughty and the 'la-la-la' music kicks in. Plus it has Professor Tomoe in it, and he is a genius. ~Starlus
  12. Starlus

    Your Opinion

    N00b attack again I'm afraid, never seen the old site as only just joined but I quite like the look of the main page. Not too busy so easy to see whats going on. Plus it's not black, which is always a bonus. Might be worth having some sort of background on the front page so it's not just plain white? I quite like the pink and rabbits and moons thats going on in the forum background. ~Starlus
  13. Starlus

    T.V Shows

    Watched the first episode of Wedding Peach yesterday because it was 'like Sailor Moon'. Um... there's 'like' and then there's 'are you having a laugh, the transformation brooch even looks the same'. Other than that it looks like it maybe could fill a hole 'till Crystal comes out Fav currently running show would need to be Supernatural though. ~Starlus
  14. For the longest time I'd have said Little Mermaid (I think most guy's fav Disney film is Little Mermaid, it's a red hair thing), but after seeing Frozen recently it just might be that. Really liked the film and LOVED the soundtrack. Deserves to be Disney's highest grossing film (which it is as far as I know). ~Starlus
  15. Hmm... well I could say Tuxedo Mask but I never did look good in a suit. Inuyasha maybe but when it rained I'd smell of wet dog. Sailor Mercury is my fav senshi but that would involve a lot of cross dressing. This question is harder than it should be. Ok, Souske Sagara from Full Metal Panic. He had cool hair and got to pilot a big metal robot. Then I could use it to kill the typo-monster that has stalked me for years. ~Starlus