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  1. I normally don't like scary things, i'm fine with the halloween hunted house, i haven't played freddy's yet, unless you count the G-mod map of it, they do come after you. but i seen game play of both the 1st an 2nd game, if i can find the demo, i would try it.
  2. so who has heard of this game??? dose anyone play it??? I've seen game play of it and it's creepy, But I find it so interesting as the mystery behind the story line has alot of what if's.
  3. hey, I've just started playing Gmod on steam and I'm looking for people who also play this game to play with me. if so let me know and we can add each other on steam?
  4. sorry if this is the wrong place. I'm looking for people to join this site a few Friends and i made. we are are looking forward to grow and become part of the sailor moon community *Link Removed Please read the rules
  5. if you wan to fallow me you can, BUT i do warn you... i reblog ALOT of Frozen Smut..... and some how Hans is always involved XD http://sailor-swifty.tumblr.com/
  6. I'm laughing at the he had like 100 brothers.. so OUaT so far has been amazing with the frozen story line
  7. (I hope this is the right place for this) Hey guys, So me and a few online friends made our own Sailor Moon site. we are still setting up but looking for people to join... so check it out *Link removed
  8. the show Once upon a Time, should it would have Elsa "Snow Queen" in it. I heard today some of the Characters will be on OUAT. So it will be more then Elsa. super cool. I started to watch the show for this reason and i like the show
  9. i don't think the Tarzan part works at all, aside from the parents looking diffrent and the mom not being pregnant. is according to the Art of Frozen book, the movie takes place in the 1840's and where Tarzan takes place late 1880's I heard the one where the trolls made Hans do evil things, but would they really go that far???? wait, did you say in love with Hans because he tired to kill Elsa? ._.
  10. What made you think he was up to no good???? because I didn't see it coming at all, I more thought that Wealaston guy the evil one, well he sort of still was.. i find it funny how at first I hated Hans and then i realized how he kind of reminds me of Zoisite. So I kinda like him now, but i think he could be redeemed but there still should be a punishment for what he did, I always though hard Labor/ community service because I don't think he has done a days work in his life. Plus he most likely hate doing the work so it works out then A slight fun Fact, Elsa was original going to be Evil but after Let it Go was written, it didn't fit with her being Evil, and now you have Kristoff also in the story so they decided to make Hans they villain. I think something in his past made him cold, he puts on a front face to hide it "conceal, don't fell" sort of thing.
  11. I saw this floating around FB. today
  12. can we just talk about the movie. To stat things off i want to know what was your reaction to what Hans did ?
  13. I'm so in love with Frozen right now.