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  1. Yeah, I really think they should change it. In the manga the difference is 3 years, if I'm not mistaken (14 and 17). That's a lot more acceptable than the anime age difference. I'm re-watching the series right now and it feels weird thinking of him as a college student (so probably a year or two younger than me) and her being 14... and it's not like Usagi herself is the most mature being out there . It would be better if they make her out to be 16 and him 18 or 19... But that also depends on who the target audience will be. If they'll want to attract little kiddies they'll probably make her very young again.
  2. Yeah, I know it's long... As I said: verbose to the max I never know what I should write in these things so I just go ahead and ramble... But thank you for welcoming me
  3. Hey guys! Some of you may already know me from SMF, I have a few posts on there... previously with the username "Cosmos" and now it's changed to "Silver", as it is here. Anywho, for everyone else... I'm female, 23 years old, living in Romania (Eastern Europe), and I'm starting my fifth year as an Architecture student. I'm interested in most of the arts (painting, movies, animation, sculpture/figure-making, music and literature) and keep trying my hand at random stuff... my main love is drawing though. Even though there's tons of room for improvement . I discovered Sailor Moon when I was a little girl and it aired in my country... and then it also aired on an Italian channel and I think German channel as well. So basically I saw got to watch seasons 1-4 as a kid, but in multiple languages, only one of which I spoke and two of which I understood (Italian is understandable for Romanian speakers, because both languages are Latin in origin). It took me many years to come back to the obsession, but I did, a few years ago. Just as my parents were glad they would never hear of sailor-suited warrior girls ever again . My fave character is Princess Serenity, because I think of her as the starting point for all events in the actual anime and manga. Plus I'm a sucker for the whole reincarnation thing, and her being so pretty and royally elegant and the Moon Kingdom being all Islamic in architectural inspiration (it's basically a Taj Mahal on the Moon)... and the Art Nouveau-ish art surrounding her. And my fave senshi are Moon (actually, if you want to get technical, Super Sailor Moon because PRETTY!), Mars and Saturn... And I also have a soft spot for Venus, who I ironically hated as a kid. Cosmos is also awesome but more for her outfit than anything else - maybe we can see more of her in the up-coming anime. Oh and one more thing: I'm verbose. Very, VERY verbose. So please don't make fun of my walls of text, I just can't help it. Oh, and I use smiley faces way too much for someone my age. That's what you get when you've been on the Internet for so many years. So yeah, that's about it. See you guys around!