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  1. Maybe one day the site will revive. If anyone still comes on, maybe we should come up with ideas to be on more often and revive the site! Or not, just a thought. Miss talking to everyone!!! :Rini Crying:
  2. So last week I just started rewatching the original English dubbed Sailor Moon since I’m now older and will probably have different and more mature thoughts on it and wow did I miss a lot apparently. Now that I’m watching it again, there seems to be so much I’ve missed or things I didn’t pick up on when I was in middle school (obviously) and I just wanted to see if anyone did the same. It also made me realize why people stressed watching the original Sailor Moon in Japanese because the Canadian version cut out/changed so much. So what I’m learning so far is: always trust the SM knowledge of people on this site, and: wow do I miss the first two voice actresses. tell me what you picked up on or I could tell you some of the things I caught or changed my mind about!
  3. Everyone on here is trying hard, I’m just happy to talk to you guys
  4. We've been having the same problem inactivity. And life gets busy and people fall away, thats very true. I'm not exactly sure what would help but I miss talking to everyone too
  5. I think our resolutions should be to get on here more often lol
  6. Anime: Dad: meh........ Mom: you should spend your time doing more productive things like: (nags me for 12 minutes) Manga: Dad: you read comic books? Me: they aren't comic books! They are graphic novels, they are totally different! Dad: in other words, they're comic books Me:......... Mom: why do you read that junk? read something that will help you in life (nags for an hour) Me: they do help in life Mom: thats stupid, im not buying you those books Me: *sigh* you never buy me books anyways (sometime later bribes Father to get me Manga) Thats how it is in my household, what about yours?
  7. Ok, today I went through a traumatizing experience. I went to the bookstore looking for new manga titles to read and I saw the Sailor Moon manga, and was like hey cool, more Sailor Moon manga! I looked through the latest volume and I almost puked. Since I'm too teaumatized to tell exactly what happened, I'll put it like this: a middle school girl should not have a (very,very,very) intimate relationship with a college student. I'll let you pt the pieces of the puzzle together. One question about that: where the hell is Usagi's parents?! Do they know what they're daughter is doing?! I know she had Chibi Usa in the future but if Sailor Moon keeps up like this she is going to be on the show Teen Moms (is that show still on?) I'm pretty disgusted and I doubt I'll read the manga now, but the anime is still ok. The Dubbed version is more censored. (Thank God) Rant, done.
  8. I don't know about you guys but Ilove watching the Winter Olympics! They are awesome! Is there any Olympic fans? Also, who is your favorite athlete, team, and event? GO TEAM USA!!!!!
  9. watched any good anime recently? or any good anime at all? Well i dont know about you but im always looking for some good anime to watch, im not much of an anime fan but i like some! Here tell about anime that you like and give a description and why someone should watch it! This is my favorite: http://forum.clubsailormoon.com/index.php?/topic/142-blue-exorcist-fans/ I hope you all have good animes!
  10. Are you talking about Alpine Skiing?
  11. I'm just saying since Sailor moon is in middle school or early high school, there's almost (this is an estimate) a ten year difference between the two. That shouldn't be normal.
  12. What....................I don't understand. That part of the manga was so revolting and completely atrocious
  13. This is beyond manga. This is just.......not ok! Some of these Japanese people are insane! I'm just sticking to the anime, I'm going to need therapy now
  14. I know but I'm not sure who could win, the teams are pretty interesting. Tee-hee.
  15. I'm just waiting to see what happens in the hockey finals. So far it looks like Finland reallllllly doesn't like Canada
  16. He was a very good skater and was close to beating Hanyu, I just feel bad that the Russian couldn't perform. If he did that would change the results
  17. Yes Izaya is my favorite! You should know the password if you watched the anime
  18. I like watching the speed skating and alpine skiing. Figure skating is ok too
  19. I can't! You have to know the password to become a member
  20. Lol, I've seen Durarara!! I'm even a member of the Dollars
  21. ok so i know we all listen to music and i want to know what song is stuck in your head at this very minute!!! I also want to see what music everyone likes to listen too (Mine is Fairy Tail closing 2 if you were wondering)
  22. thank you so much!!! Im usually on my phone
  23. ok, so i made an X-Factor Japan but I know most of you like k-pop so im making a X-Factor Korea! what are you going to sing for the show?
  24. i would sing something 2pm, probably heartbeat or take off