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Julianna Okumura

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Status Updates posted by Julianna Okumura

  1. I just found out that the Warrior Cat forums was shut down almost two years ago and now I'm depressed :(

  2. I'll figure out html and css one day. maybe...

    1. Zero


      It's not as hard as other languages

    2. Julianna Okumura

      Julianna Okumura

      haha no kidding. I'm just not very good at it :P

  3. my profile settings never save properly :/

  4. I hate it when people you don't know are creepily stalking you, especially children

    1. EliseAyumu


      Sailor Sun: But...I like stalking Sailor Triton.

  5. yes! Finally watching K Project

  6. Izaya Orihara is so awesome but is a real jerk!

  7. new display name, sort of

    1. EliseAyumu


      Got tired of LOTR

    2. Zero


      I liked GreenLeaf better :D

    3. Zero


      @SailorSun Lol

  8. I watched the final episode of soul eater yesterday, so depressing now that im done :(

  9. Yay! a 1 rating in band contest today!

  10. snow day!!!! :)

    1. Sophia~
    2. Zero


      I wish we get a snow day I inda wan one next week atleast it's snowing outsite

  11. Now i feel even more like a traitor now that Im watching Soul Eater!

  12. Rin followed me on twitter! :)

    1. Zero


      YAY! She should follow me tooo

    2. ahua77


      What's your Twitter ?

  13. 5 hours of homework is torture

    1. Zero
    2. Sophia~


      Five hours of homework?

      Wow.. My homework lasts about a hour.

      Well I normally get a DT ._.


    3. EliseAyumu


      Are you a procrastinator?

  14. Im going to watch the Puppy Bowl instead of the Super Bowl :P

    1. Zero


      oh how was it i watched the super bowl

  15. new background, scroll down to see some of it :)

  16. betraying Sailor Moon with Blue Exorcist

  17. I finally fixed my background, its so beautiful! <3