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  1. Look...I love you LiSA...BUT LEAVE ME CHILDHOOD ALONE!
  2. I AM FREAKING OUT SO MUCH! I can watch a SeraMyu...in Canada, on the big screen! More details here: https://www.cineplex.com/Movie/pretty-guardian-sailor-moon-the-musical-le-mouvement-final-japanese-west I would write a post on the main site, but I can't since I don't have access anymore.
  3. I did! But it didn't work and I cried. Oh...and reddit.
  4. Okay. I'm not going to lie to you all. I have 35 songs from the Japanese Sailor Moon animes, 19 songs from PGSM, and 64 songs from the Sera Myu's in my IPhone for a grand total of 118 Sailor Moon songs to listen to. I am also currently about to add all the English songs and some background music. So, my question: What is your favourite Sailor Moon song? If I don't have it yet, I'll add it to my IPhone and maybe make a fake radio station for the site? Mine is Knockin' Down Hesitation, just incase you were wondering.
  5. Welcome! Egypt huh? That's amazing that there's fans so far away from us.
  6. I'll be attending Anime North this year, so I can try to get interviews with fans and maybe voice actors if they appear. I can also hand out our information on makeshift business cards to obvious fans.
  7. And it's called, Star Vs The Forces of Evil. It's totally a rip-off of Sailor Moon! In my opinion anyways. I'd like yours. http://www.wattpad.com/102131028-random-life-occurrences-that-are-too-derp-to
  8. Eh...there's definitely some similarities to Sailor Moon, but yeah, it's not as much of a rip-off as I though it'd be.
  9. I've been listening (and singing and humming) the song Who Do You Think You Are? It is a song that was played during the episode connecting Sailor Moon R with Sailor Moon S. This song plays when they are debating who should be the leader. Here is the song without the debate: So my question is who do you think should be the leader. I know it is Venus, Mars and Moon who have been the supposed leaders branched over all forms of Sailor Moon, but I want to know your opinon. I personally think it should be Sailor Mercury or Sailor Uranus. Mercury beacuse she is very logical and doesn't just rush into situations without a plan. Uranus because she will follow her mission no matter what, even if her life depends on it.
  10. Hey Moonies! To start the debate forum I thought I would ask the most debated question out there. What Version of Sailor Moon Do You Like The Most? Japanese or English? Please post your views and be courtious to other people's veiews as well. If we find your post inappropriate, it will be taken off. With that being said, Have Fun!
  11. Which is the cutest couple in Sailor Moon? If I forgot anyone, just say who and I'll add it to the poll. I choose Naru and Nephlite!
  13. Pink Sugar Heart Attack...never works that well :/
  14. Reincarnation is confusing sometimes xc
  15. Yeah...I can't remember who. I just know she was dressed up as Sailor Venus at a convention :/ Edit: Research gave me this link: https://www.facebook.com/ReleaseDicSailorMoonMusic I'm sure it was them.
  16. I don't know why, but Phoebe didn't seem so happy about taking over Demveus' job. She's kinda like Usagi in that way xD
  17. It's nice that the old doctor can tell who the reincarnated people are from just looking at them
  18. Demveus is in trouble again xD I don't know why I think that's so funny.
  19. I wonder why the crystal was going out of wack like that. Hmm...