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  1. i'M CRYING! I was saving my gems for the perfect scout event to occur and now ;-;
  3. Please stop spamming... We are honestly just confused by the question. Everything for this clip seems fine to me...
  4. Haven't watched it yet, but: Jesus: JUST DIE ALREADY! ONLY I CAN COME BACK FROM THE DEAD!
  5. When I went to Anime North last year, there was a panel for English Anime Theme Songs. It was so boring until we showed up and started singing to each tune. It then got interesting as everyone knew the song lyrics by heart. Just goes to show you that everyone loves English Theme Songs.
  6. Welcome to the site!
  7. We all need to try really hard! WE CAN DO IT!
  8. I did! But it didn't work and I cried. Oh...and reddit.
  9. I AM FREAKING OUT SO MUCH! I can watch a SeraMyu...in Canada, on the big screen! More details here: https://www.cineplex.com/Movie/pretty-guardian-sailor-moon-the-musical-le-mouvement-final-japanese-west I would write a post on the main site, but I can't since I don't have access anymore.
  10. Okay. I'm not going to lie to you all. I have 35 songs from the Japanese Sailor Moon animes, 19 songs from PGSM, and 64 songs from the Sera Myu's in my IPhone for a grand total of 118 Sailor Moon songs to listen to. I am also currently about to add all the English songs and some background music. So, my question: What is your favourite Sailor Moon song? If I don't have it yet, I'll add it to my IPhone and maybe make a fake radio station for the site? Mine is Knockin' Down Hesitation, just incase you were wondering.
  11. Welcome! Egypt huh? That's amazing that there's fans so far away from us.