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  1. Well first off, she only killed Jedite and Zoizite. Nephlite died because of Zoizite wantingto get the black crystal and Malachite/Kunzite died because of Sailor Moon's Moon Cosmic Power. Secondly, I feel that Beryl was way too harsh on Jedite as he was really loyal and willing to try to rid the Sailor Scouts. However, Beryl had all rights to kill Zoizite because she was disobeident and she killed Nephlite. Why do that!? I can no longer think about a chocolate parfait without crying. Zoizite had to die because of that.
  2. Can't see the picture, so I can't comment on it. Just kidding abourt the comment. Thanks for doing the picture even though her dress looks sort of grey
  3. In the first episode when Usagi does the Sailor V kick on her door to get back at Singo and get into the huse after her mom locks her out. This is only in the Japanese version, not the English version hence the Japanese names.
  4. Good news post. This is broken down on my blog. And, yes, it was recently confimed that Kotono Mitsuishi will be reprizing her role as Sailor Moon/Usagi Tsukino. Still no new news after that.
  5. Yeah, the military or at least the police should be involved. It happened in one episode of Sailor Moon where Sailor Venus was helping out the police back in England, but it really didn't go into it much. And even though the fan made Sailor Moon movie wasn't the best, it had the police involved and it kind of made it more intresting. Maybe it should happen, it might be really good. And Dingo, glad you figured out how to get onto the forums.
  6. Well, I hope to see more three lights and more Sailor Scouts. Maybe there really can be a Sailor Sun or Tuxedo mask can fully awaken asa Sailor Earth. I also want to see more romance. You know I always say that Sailor Moon is the best romance story of all time. Screw Titanic. Sailor Moon for ever.
  7. I agree they sahould be in last year of highschool, or at least where they were before. My fears are that this new version won't live up to it's presessor and will eventually turn me away from the show I love.
  8. Hillarious and distrubing, but mostly hilarious
  9. So cool. I wish GIF's could have music and voice added as well
  10. No it's a good introduction. By first and last episodes of Sailor Moon, do you mean: 1. The first and last episodes of season one? 2. The first epiosdes of season 1 and the last epsiode of season 4? 3. The frist episode of season one and the last epiosde of Stars? And it's good to see someone from somewhere other than Canada for once. Welcome.
  11. Well, my OC is Sailor Sun, but of the existing ones I would love to be Sailor Luna. Why? Because I get to be a cat 1/3 of the time, a human 1/3 of the time, and a kick butt sailor scout 1/3 of the time.
  12. 1. "Sometimes the hardest thing in the world is believing in yourslef, especially when your grades are, ehh, less than stellar, or you're kind of clumsy. But you never know what the real you can do, set your mind and heart on it and anything is possible" 2. "It's fun imagining being a movie star or a rock and roll idol. All that attention, money, and fam but it's no good trying to be someone you're not. What makes a real star isn't about fame or money, but being the best person you can be and feeling good about yourself. Being a star in your own light is what really counts. Right, Luna? You said it. If you'd only practice what you preach, Serena." 3. "Serena: Love charms, crystals, and horoscopes can be a lot of fun, but don't take them too seriously. Ami: You said it, I count on myself to set my own destiny, not some goofy charm. Mina: Right, you're the one who makes it happen. Lita: It's your life to do with what you want. Serena: Set your goals and go for them! Ami: Right, a charm or a crystal isn't going to get your homework done, you are. Serena: Still, if this love potion can get Darian back, I'll drink a hundred of them! All the girls: Serena! I don't believe you! Come on, give us a break! Luna: Hmmph, that Serena." 4. "Nephlite was one of the most monstrous henchmen of the Negaverse, bad to the bone who’d would of though he would of saved Molly but she saw the good in him that nobody else not even Nephlite himself believed was there. It’s easy to right people off call them mean or no good or too nerdy but people can and do change maybe even Melvin one day. Just remember there good and bad in all of us and it is up to us to decide what were going to be. Sailor moon says haha" These are just some of the Sailor Says. These are just some of the things I learnt from Sailor Moon as a kid. I will post more on the blog in the upcoming months.
  13. Her scepture is way better than than Sailor Moon's
  14. Yaten is so hot! I love him (not to mention he's famous and a sailor scout). I also love neptune
  15. I like the Japanese since there is more a relationship side to the show then just battles. Also, Haruka and Michiru are totally the best couple ever.
  16. I like cloverway the best because, even though Serena's voice is way worse, it sticks to the Japanese better than DIC. I also don't like DIC because of the mixups in the name of the Crystal. Here's the proof: Impirium Silver Crystal:-------------------Episodes 18,28,30,31,32 Silver Moon Crystal:-----------------------Episode 19 Silver Crystal:-------------------------------Episodes 19,20,21 Silver Impirium Crystal:-------------------Episodes 20,22 Impirium Silver Crystal:-------------------Episode 21 Impirium Sliver Moon Crystal:----------Episode 23 Imprium Crystal:----------------------------Episode 31 And there it is. Don't believe me, watch the episodes yourself and find out http://www.youtube.com/user/ClubSailorMoon/videos?flow=grid&view=1
  17. Ha so true. Here's another one I found thanks to my mom. Barenaked Ladies One Week Lyrics Translation in progress. Please wait... It's been one week since you looked at me Cocked your head to the side and said I'm angry Five days since you laughed at me saying Get that together, come back and see me Three days since the living room I realized it's all my fault, but couldn't tell you Yesterday you'd forgiven me But it'll still be two days till I say I'm sorry Hold it now and watch the hoodwink As I make you stop, think You'll think you're looking at aquaman I summon fish to the dish, although I like the chalet swiss I like the sushi 'cause it's never touched a frying pan Hot like Wasabi when I bust rhymes Big like LeAnn Rimes Becasue I'm all about value Bert Kaempfort's got the mad hits You try to match wits, you try to hold me But I bust through. Gonna make a break and take a fake, I'd like a stinkin' achin' shake I like vanilla, cuz it's the finest of the flavours Gotta see the show, 'cause then you'll know The vertigo is gonna grow Cause it's so dangerous, You'll have to sign a waiver How can I help if I think you're funny when you're mad Tryin' hard not to smile though I feel bad I'm the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral Can't understand what I mean? Well, you soon will I have the tendancy to wear my mind on my sleeve I have a history of taking off my shirt It's been one week since you looked at me Threw your arms in the air and said you're crazy Five days since you tackled me, I've still got the rug burns on both my knees It's been three days since the afternoon You realized it's not my fault, not a moment too soon Yesterday you'd forgiven me, And now I sit back and wait till you say you're sorry Chickity China the Chinese chicken Have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin' Watchin X-Files with no lights on We're dans la maison I hope the Smoking Man's in this one Like Harrison Ford I'm gettin frantic Like Sting, I'm tantric Like Snickers, guaranteed to satisfy Like Kurosawa, I make mad films Okay I don't make films, But if I did, they'd have a Samurai Gonna get a set a' better clubs Gonna find the kind with the tiny nubs, Just so my irons aren't always flying off the back-swing Gotta get in tune with Sailor Moon Cause that cartoon has got the boom anime babes That make me think the wrong thing How can I help if I think you're funny when you're mad Tryin' hard not to smile though I feel bad I'm the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral Can't understand what I mean? Though, you soon will I have the tendancy to wear my mind on my sleeve I have a history of losing my shirt It's been one week since you looked at me Dropped your arms to the sides and said I'm sorry Five days since I laughed at you and said You just did just what I thought you were gonna do! Three days since the living room, We realized we were both to blame, but what could we do? Yesterday you just smiled at me Cause we still got two days till we say we're sorry It'll still be two days till we say we're sorry, It'll still be two days till we say we're sorry, Birchmount Stadium, home of the Robbie.
  18. I love Aino Minako's songs in PGSM and her attitude to Usagi and Rei.
  19. My favorite moment in Sailor Moon is when Darein tells Serena of his past. The picture below is from the scene. I like this scene because it is one of the scene that shows a real connection between Darein and Serena, and it was nice.