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  1. That's a horrible nightmare for a five year old to have
  2. I love how all the others are trying to talk sense into Yuki. She doesn't have any sense when she's mad xD
  3. Coyanno is being creepy xD That's the best explanation of him yet.
  4. I think that's awesome that every member of the royal family recognizes Phoebe after looking at her. That's a great honor.
  5. Trena is very curious xD And Yuki...Oh Yuki.... *sighs*
  6. xD Yuki is so British in her anger!
  7. It was funny because she gave a history lesson then said she wasn't into history xD
  8. Honestly, she'd be the manager of a sales company. I don't know what they would sell, but her charisma would get anyone to buy anything.
  9. I like how it ends It was a great chapter and kinda funny as well.
  10. xD Ending it with a Question is so cartoon-like. I love it!
  11. Who here has watched any of the first stage musicals, with ANZA as Sailor Moon? I hope someone because I really want to talk about them with people ;-;
  12. I just finished "Listen to Me Girls, I am Your Father!" and "Diabolik Lovers". I'm starting on "Rail Wars!" next. And of course, Sailor Moon Crystal. <3
  13. I liked it. Better then the Mercury episode. I think Makoto got me sick :/
  14. There's a lot of moon cats now xD
  15. I'm sorry to say this, but the chapter had gotten a little long winded in the middle. It kinda took away from the overall story. However, the action was still amazing. Good job MoonBeam.
  16. Sailor Moon Side Story: Attack on the Sailor Senshi Chapter One "The Sailor Senshi will be destroyed soon. I am sure of it." A male voice echoed from the shadows of a dark, cold cave. The male was addressing a red haired Queen wearing a purple cocktail dress. As she observed the world's energy levels through her crystal orb, she started to speak. "What makes you so sure of this? You nearly failed before." "I have an inside source who knows the identity of Sailor Moon." The male voice calmly stated, not trying to anger his Queen. "Then why have you not told us the identities? We could have those pesky Sailor Senshi removed from existence!" "My Queen,I believe Sailor Moon may have the Ginzuishou in her possession. She is the most powerful. This could be due to the power she takes from it. If we take the Ginzuishou first, the Sailor Senshi will be able to be defeated in a matter of seconds." "Hm..." The red haired Queen didn't say a word for a short while as her hands waved over the orb. She then spoke softly, no longer having anger in her voice. "Very well. If your plan works then you will have proven your second chance to be just. However, should your plan fail, you will be faced with a fate similar to that of Jadeite." "Yes, my Queen." The man bowed from the shadows before making his exit. "Zoisite!" The Queen called out not a minute after the man had left. With the call, a feminine man with honey blond hair appeared from a whirlwind of soft pink rose petals. As he bows, the Queen starts talking. "Tell me of this plan that will allow us to easily gather energy from the humans while hunting out the Ginzuishou." "Yes, my Queen. I have been in contact with the local radio station. It's something humans listen to quite often. While Jadeite failed using this form of communication, I will succeed." The Queen considered the flaws of this plan for a while, but deciding to have some trust in her General, she nodded once. "Very well, Zoisite. Do not fail me. This energy is needed for our great ruler to come back into full power." Zoizite nodded, leaving in the whirlwind of flowers instantaneously.
  17. Wow! Lots of questions need to be answered, but it keeps getting more intense.
  18. It's great to see that everything is working out smoothly now. It seems like thisis just a cold war; hidden in the shadows for the most part. It also seems like the entire moon kingdom gets along now. I could be wrong though because of misunderstandings and twists that might happen. But good story so far
  20. To me...this episode was the most boring episode ever. I don't know why. :/
  21. ...Well that one line was TMI... But welcome to the forums~!