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  1. Hey Moonies! To start the debate forum I thought I would ask the most debated question out there. What Version of Sailor Moon Do You Like The Most? Japanese or English? Please post your views and be courtious to other people's veiews as well. If we find your post inappropriate, it will be taken off. With that being said, Have Fun!
  2. Which is the cutest couple in Sailor Moon? If I forgot anyone, just say who and I'll add it to the poll. I choose Naru and Nephlite!
  4. Pink Sugar Heart Attack...never works that well :/
  5. Reincarnation is confusing sometimes xc
  6. Yeah...I can't remember who. I just know she was dressed up as Sailor Venus at a convention :/ Edit: Research gave me this link: https://www.facebook.com/ReleaseDicSailorMoonMusic I'm sure it was them.
  7. I don't know why, but Phoebe didn't seem so happy about taking over Demveus' job. She's kinda like Usagi in that way xD
  8. It's nice that the old doctor can tell who the reincarnated people are from just looking at them
  9. Demveus is in trouble again xD I don't know why I think that's so funny.
  10. I wonder why the crystal was going out of wack like that. Hmm...
  11. xD Sailor Venus' descendant is so much like her, it's funny!
  12. I think it was cute that we got to see how Sailor Pluto is totally crushing on Mamoru and no one seemed to notice. The whole episode was awesome. Especially Emerald not dying from herself turning all Godzilla.
  13. Hahahahahahahahaha! Zimia is back and ready to get vengeance! VENGEANCE I SAY!
  14. And the action is back! Funny, this chapter reminded me of the Tokyo Tower battle between Zoizite and Mamoru.
  15. It was nice to have a little break from the constant attacking, even if there was evil planning
  16. Hey all. I recently got an account on Reddit...because I'm old like that. Well, this one person on the anime subforum posted this: http://imgur.com/gallery/7ZJ0A The artist draws these cards himself and makes them into real playing cards. His art style is amazing (in my opinion) and he is actually selling these cards on his website: http://www.sorenkalla.com/shop/ Just thought I'd share this with everyone. I might get some *^*
  17. Oh my goodness! I hope so! I hope it covers the other acts until Sailor Stars <3
  18. Aww...it's so cute. They remind me of Serena and Darien.<3
  19. xD Romoawin reminds me so much of Ennove, it's funny.
  20. Whoo hoo! They didn't need to break the crystal!
  21. EliseAyumu

    Fast 7

  22. Amazing! These are all rose names. I never knew I was named after a rose. Aysha Schomburg.
  23. The little...pan-out screenshots were annoying. Took away from the story. But I loved that we got to see new enemies as well as Emerald not dying.